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The wind was cooling, the sky was darkening, and the leaves were beginning to colour shades of yellow, red, and brown. Fall was quickly approaching, and also the realization of yet another identical school year. Another year of the came teachers, the same subjects, and the same everything. There was constantly a thick feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I thought of this, the realization of having done nothing with my life. I didn't know which job to pursue, and even then I wasn't sure if I would be able to. Life was moving too quickly for me to catch up, leaving me chasing after it, it always being just out of reach, teasing my fingertips. The fastest I could go was a sprint, and life seemed to be going only a little bit faster.

My life was good, nothing I could complain about. My parents were still married, we had a house, and we still had money. My father was a little tough on us, but I knew it was because he only wanted the best for us. He pushed us to try hard in school and everything else. What he didn't know was that I only did half my best. Trying was tiring. I didn't like trying. Trying was boring, just like everything else was.

A few days before school started, on a relatively windy and boring day, I was walking down the sidewalk, heading to Armin's house. My eyes had been focused more on the trees and blowing branches rather than the sidewalk. Suddenly, one of the leaves came loose, then began twirling and swirling in the air. My feet moved without my consent, and soon I was jogging, my eyes still trained on the leaf and my hands stretched outwards to catch it. I trailed off the sidewalk, and nearly ran into a tree as I ran after the leaf. The wind seemed to suddenly stop, and the leaf slowly floated down into my palm. I held it tenderly, then closed my fist and held it to my chest, letting my eyes close as I thought up a wish.

"I want something good to happen this year, something spontaneous, different, extraordinary. Anything other than boring," it was a quiet mutter, and it seemed after I said it, the wind restarted as if it had never stopped in the first place.

I opened my fist and rid my hand of the remains of the leaf, now crushed and and dusty. Once off of my hand, they began blowing in the wind again. I silently made my way back to the sidewalk, then shook my head at my childish behaviour. It was childlike to believe in such impossible things. Catching a leaf before it touched the ground didn't give you a wish, it just wasted your energy and time. Although, there was still a small sliver inside of me that believed my wish would come true.

And eventually it did.

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