Chapter 1: The End of the Chase

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For four years, I've been trying to get closer to Akaashi. For four years, I've tried to get him to like me. I've failed countless numbers of times but I don't give up, because one day I know he will like me and say yes when I ask him out.

I don't know why I feel so compelled. Freshman year, everything was so innocent. I just wanted to make friends, and Akaashi was so cool. I got older and then it started to get real. I wonder if Akaashi knows he's playing around with me. I wonder if he knows that the more he teases me, the more I fall for him. I have been trying so hard, and the rejection barely bothers me now. Sometimes, I think I'm close to getting him to say yes.

It would be amazing if he did, right?

Now I just want to be with him, to hold his hand, to tell him how pretty he is everyday. I can't stand it when I see him with someone else. I can't stand not being next to him. I like him so much that it hurts me.

He doesn't know that.

I don't tell him how unbearable it is. How I get sad sometimes because I think he truly doesn't want me. How frustrated I get because I know I shouldn't waste my time.

To me, Akaashi is worth every second that I can give.

That's how much I like him.

I would never try so hard with anyone else.

Sometimes, it gets difficult. I would stand by my locker and see someone else flirting with him. Sometimes he would flirt back. Its not depressing but it does make me a bit sad. Sure I won't stop asking him out but I'm fully aware that he has his own life. He has his priorities straight and I could never get in the way of that.

I can dream right?

Today was a Friday. There was nothing really big going on today. Football season is over so I don't have to give my soul over to the sport. Now I can focus on my failing grades since college is a serious thing. There was a baseball game later tonight and I'm not usually interested in baseball but I haven't missed a game because Akaashi is on the team.

He's good at anything he does, it doesn't matter what it is.

That's one reason I like him.

He's also insanely smart. He's basically close to being top of the class. That's another reason I like him.

Akaashi is also pretty.

For four years, he's been known as pretty boy. That nickname has stuck with him since the first day of high school freshman year. No one hesitates to call him that. If they don't know his name, pretty boy is what they call him. Its true though, he does live up to his nickname. Pretty Boy Akaashi. No one could be prettier than him. People would think because of his looks, he would get bullied but it was quite the opposite. He intimidated people because he was just unnaturally pretty. No one could describe what they felt when they saw him. It was either just odd or mortifying because they didn't know what to do.

Akaashi doesn't date anyone at school which is sort of disappointing to me because I was hoping to have my chance with him. He's been single since Valentine's day because his girlfriend didn't like how much prettier he was than her. That's how he intimidates most girls here. After that, he's been more focused on school and scholarships.  

Before I could think more about how pretty Akaashi was, I was jolted from my day dream and had to come back to reality. I even forgot where I was for a few moment. I looked down at my friend that had slammed his hand against the locker to make the loud noise that would get my attention. Third period hadn't started yet so the halls were filled with students. Somehow, I just dozed off.

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