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The rustling of covers is the only thing heard in the dark bedroom. It sounded like frantic movement, almost as if someone was having a nightmare. Which was kinda sorta almost, not really, the case. Ally's legs were moving widely because she, like everyone else in the world, has to pee. You know when your sleep, dreaming about whatever and then all of a sudden in your dream you have to pee. So you kinda wake up from that dream to realize you actually have to pee? No? Well that's what's happening here.

She's woke and ready to go to the bathroom. The only problem is she can't. There's like a 5 ton rope tying her to the bed. Or in other words, a very strong Normani wrapped around her waist. She wriggled and shimmied, but to no success. She twisted in her arms to face Normani, to try to wake her. She didn't want to hurt her so she tapped her lightly on the shoulder. That did absolutely nothing.

"Mani? Mani, wake up." She pushed her lightly, but still came up unsuccessful.

How was she supposed to get free and pee now? Damn Normani and her freakish strength. She looked over Mani again before rocking to the right slightly. By rocking back and forth, she can roll on top of her and maybe the pressure from Ally will wake her up. She continued to rock to the right with as much power as she could. Rocking back and forth and back and forth until Mani let go all together and Ally was flying off the opposite side of the bed.

"Ow!" She whisper yelled as she rubbed her left shoulder. She looked up to Normani, seeing she was still resting. She stood and walked to the bathroom with one intention and one intention only. She closed the door behind her leaving a wall between her and Normani.

Normani on the other hand was in dream world. She sighed as her dream continued on with no unexpected interruptions.

Normani's Dream

{"What are you doing, Ally?" Mani says as she sits on the bed scrolling down her timeline.

"I'm picking out an outfit to wear tonight." Ally comes out of the closet holding a black dress with gold scattered around on it.

Normani inspected the dress before dismissing it with a wave of her hand.

"Tonight? Where are you going tonight?"

"Nowhere." She said smiling before disappearing back into the closet she and Mani shared.

"That was weird. Are you plotting to kill me? Cause if you are, just know that I always keep a note in my pocket that says the words 'Ally did it' on it." Mani said, voiced raised slightly because of the distant between them.

"No I'm not plotting to kill you, and if I were, why would you tell me about that? I could just take it out of your pocket."

"There could be more than one." Mani says as she gets off the bed and walks over to the closet Ally's in.

"Seriously though, what are you doing?" She's leaning up against the door frame, facing Ally.

"I told you, getting an outfit out." Ally has her back turned towards Mani, rummaging through the many clothes in their closet.

Normani walked closer to her short companion. "Stop being so vague and just tell me." She said as she enclosed her arms around Ally.

Ally turned her head to the side. "You really want me to tell you?"

"Mhmm." She said, eyes closed, as she snuggled Ally's neck from behind.

"Troy's mom invited me to dinner with her and her family." It was complete silence as Ally awaited Mani's response.

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