Chapter 10

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[ Zania's POV ]

I slept well after talking with Loki. It was really nice speaking with him, though it was during the middle of the night in the room.

But later on that day, I saw Thor and Loki arguing.

They were in the training hall. Jane stood next to Thor, who was repeatedly telling Thor to stop.

"When are you going to understand that fact that Jane is family now?" Thor said.

Loki laughed and said, "Family, is it? You're pathetic."

Thor took a step closer to Loki, and I came in.

"What is going on here?" I asked.

Loki just walked away, leaving us three here.

I watched him. Then I looked at Thor.

"What happened?" I ask. Thor looked upset, and said, "Loki and I just had a disagreement."

"About Jane?"

"Because I'm 'mortal'," Jane spoke.

"I should speak with him," I say.

"No," Thor says, "Loki needs to be left alone."

"Isn't he always left alone?"

"Zania, you dont understand-"

"No, Thor. YOU don't understand. He needs someone to talk to. And that's me. I can just try to sort this out with him."

Thor looked at me. "Why are you so curious to help him?" he wondered.

I shrugged, said, "I'm a curious woman."

Thor sighed. "Dont underestimate him," he warns. "Trust me," I say.

I found Loki in the Weapons Vault. He stood at the room, his back facing me.

I watched him.

"Theres not many that can sneak up on me," Loki says.

"But you knew I would come," I say.

He gives a roll of his eyes. and says, "I've heard that spoken before." I didn't understand what he meant, but I ignored it.

He turned around and said, "Why must you keep helping me?"

I narrowed my brows. "What?"

He walked to to me. "Why do you bother trying to help me?" he asked.

"Because you deserve help," I say.

"No, there's something else. What is it?" he asked.

I was a bit shocked that he would suddenly bring this up.

"What. Is. It?" he spoke again, more darker.

"I do not understand-"

"Do not play silly games with me, Faddist," he said. He began to step closer and I took a step back.

"There's a reason you speak to me so much. Why you keep being so CURIOUS about me."

"Why are you asking me this-"

"Tell me, Faddist! Why!"


"Because what!"

"Because I-"

I stopped myself. I couldnt believe it. After all this time. When he healed my hand. When he protected me. When we spoke with together at night. How we easily talked and understood each other. That wasn't just anything.

I was in love with Loki Laufeyson.

And I didnt even realize it until now.

Without a doubt, Loki understood. He scoffed.

"You didn't," he said. I didn't say anything. He leaned closer to me and said, "You've made a terrible mistake."

"It wasn't my intentions," I told. It was true, I didnt mean to fall in love with Loki. It just happened. I mean, I just met him a few days ago.

He laughed and repeated, "Wasn't your intentions."

His expression became angry and said, "I knew you were vexed. A troubled one. Father shouldn't have let you in Asgard."

"You think I wanted to fall in love with you?" I asked. He became disgusted at the word LOVE.

"You shouldn't had never came here. You dont belong here."

"I can't believe you're saying this to me."

"What is there to love, huh? I didn't even DO anything to make you feel this way. I can never be loved."

"You just dont like the fact that your different," I admit.

Then suddenly Loki grabbed my arm and set me against the wall. He stood closely to me, looking very angry.

"You are a fool," he growls.

"And you a selfish man," I snap.

Suprisingly, he didn't argue. He sighed and looked down.

"You are a fool to fall in love with a man like me," he said softly. I deeply exhaled.

"I am," I say, "But I am not ashamed."

He slowly looked up at me. Sadness and other emotions grew in his eyes.

"Loki, you have a family that loves you. Dearly. And you just don't realize that. Just because you are greatly upset of the truth of yourself and your parentage. You have such an amazing, orignal character. And most don't get that because of the actions you've made. I have been helping you, caring for you because you made me understand the things you are going through. You aren't alone. So you don't have to feel that way. You deserve to be loved, Loki. You need to realize that," I explained.

He blinked, not answering. He held onto my arm still with his cold hands. He stared into my eyes in a new kind of way.

He began to hesitate as he said, "You love me?"

I couldn't lie. Because I do love him.

I nodded.

He swallowed and said, " I a fool to be in love with you, Zania?"

My hearted skipped a beat when he said that.

"We're all fools, Loki," I say. He scoffed at that. His face began to come closer. I could feel is icy breath.

He whispered to me, "You dont know how long Ive waited for you."

We stared into each others eyes.

He hesitated once again, but said, "Don't move."

Then slowly, he leaned in and kissed me.

His lips moved slowly, passionately, and softly, something you wouldn't really see from someone like him. But it was beautiful. Our lips were amazingly moving together. His coldness and my fire. The way he catiously kissed me was most perfect.

Suddenly, I feel his cold finger touch the back of my neck.

My tattoo was touched.

Then my eyed widened as I saw an awful vision.

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