Chapter 4 *edited*

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~Emmett's POV~

 Why the hell did Jacob just knock me off of this weird chick? What was she anyway? She smelled like honey and wild flowers and some sort of expensive perfume Rosalie has me buy her. At the same time, she smelled like a dog. She couldn't be a werewolf though, could she? I mean, look at her! That pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes...Quileutes don't look like that! They look like Native Americans!

She couldn't be a vampire though; she turned into a white wolf! Last time I checked, vampires can't do that. And if they can, I need to figure out how. She had the pale, hard skin and the sweet smell of a vampire, but again with those blue eyes! If she were a vampire, her eyes would be one of three colors: red (if she drank human blood), golden (if she drank animal blood, like us), or black (if she hadn't had blood in a while). Blue was not on the list of possible colors.

I'm so confused!

Jacob literally tackled me off of her. Why did he care about her? Wasn't he in love with Renesmee? The little creep...

Let's just say that she was a werewolf in Jacob's pack. Where did her white color come from? None of pack's colors were that light! They were all woodsy colors. And how come the rest of the pack is naked when they phase back? She had her clothes on again.

"What is that?" I asked Jacob, pointing at the girl. What was she, thirteen? Jacob must really like young girls. Again, the little creep.

"We need to speak somewhere more private." he said, looking at her.

We all walked silently to the house. I suddenly noticed that Seth and Leah were here too, in their wolf forms. They ran over to her. Seth looked almost protective, while Leah was growling at me. They must have seen the whole thing between Jacob and I through the dog's mind. They can read each other's thoughts or something, right?

Leah seemed mad that I attacked her. I mean, if she is part of the pack, then that makes sense, but there is no way that she is completely a werewolf. They must know that. Maybe they just don't care.

As we neared the house, Seth and Leah went back to the woods. Alyssa seemed to falter as she neared the front porch. She seemed to contemplate going inside for a moment, before Jacob lightly pushed her forward. Once we were inside, we all sat down on the couches, mate with mate. As Jacob sat down, Renesmee ran over and sat on his lap.

"Hi, my name is Renesmee. What's your name?" Nessie asked. She looked about the same age as Alyssa.


"Nice to meet you," Nessie shook her hand. As soon as their skin touched, Alyssa gasped.

My automatic thought was that Renesmee had shown her something, but when I asked, she said that she hadn't shown her anything.

"Your power is astonishing. It must come in handy a lot if you don't want other people to know what you are saying." Alyssa said.

"What do you mean?" Nessie asked. "I didn't show you anything."

"Hello, my name is Carlisle. Do you mind me asking how old you are?" Carlisle asked.

"Thirteen." she replied.

"You can tell them, Ally. Secrecy is out the window." Jacob said as Ness sat back down on his lap.

"I'm thirty-seven," Alyssa announced. "I look pretty good for my age, huh? No wrinkles yet."

"What the hell are you and how do you know about Renesmee's power?" I exclaimed. Rose slapped my arm.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try us." Carlisle said encouragingly.

"I'm half werewolf, half vampire. And you guys aren't the only ones who have powers, you know."

My jaw dropped, along with everyone else's.

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