Professor Snape x Reader

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You're about to begin your last year here at Hogwarts. The years went by too fast, in your opinion. As you walk towards the Great Hall, you think about all of the things you have done in the past. You glance towards the lake and see the new first-years climbing nervously into their boats. 'Aw. Today is their first day. I remember when I was in that boat.' The thought of your very first day makes you smile. You arrive at the Great Hall entrance and walk in, still amazed by the sight after all these years. You immediately take a seat with everyone else in your house. You're a Slytherin. Nobody talks to you during this time, so you look at all of  the familiar faces around you. Just as you begin to zone out, the doors slam open and you hear Professor McGonagall yell. "First Year students, come this way!" A large group of new students make their way towards the Sorting Hat, their eyes full of curiosity and joy. As the Sorting Hat songs its song, you feel as though somebody is staring at you. You turn around in time to see someone quickly avert their eyes from you. That somebody was the head of Slytherin and your potions teacher, Professor Snape. You've fancied him for quite some time. You're not sure what it is about him, but you find him very alluring. Once again, you are deep in thought and you don't notice the feast that has popped up. A gentle hand placed on your shoulder brings you out of your daze.
"Miss (L/N)... You should eat." You slowly turn your head and look towards the person touching you. Your cheeks heat up as you stare into your professors eyes.
"I-I'm sorry sir... I don't feel well. May I go back to the common room early?" You smile shyly at him and he nods his head.
"Come with me. I will take you so people don't think you're up to something." You stand up and follow him. His long, black robes flow behind him as he walks. When you reach the entrance to the common room, he whispers the password to the portrait and it swings open. "There you are, Miss (L/N)."
You look down at your feet and walk in. "Thank you, professor."
He stands there in silence for a moment, then speaks. "I'll be expecting to see you later for potions." You have no time to respond before the painting shuts, so you just take a seat in front of the fireplace, close your eyes, and drift into a light sleep.
~time skip~
You slowly open your eyes to the sound of giggling. 'How long was I asleep?' As you focus, you scream.
"Hello, (Y/N)!"
"DRACO! DON'T. DO. THAT." He continues to giggle, knowing that he scared you. He was your only friend. Well, he was your only friend when you two weren't in public. Around others, he was a prick.
"(Y/N). Wake up. You're gonna be late for POTIONS." He yells the last word while smirking and wiggling his eyebrows at you. You blush and push him out of the way. He was the only person who knew that you fancied the professor. "You have five minutes."
"Oh, shut up. You're going to be late, too." You brush your hair and drag him out of the common room by his tie. "Let's go."
"Oooh. Feisty. Save that for him." Your response to that is to drag him even harder as he laughs. You finally stop at the door to the dungeon that leads to the potions classroom. You open the door and shove Draco in. "Why do I have to go first??" He whines.
"Just go, Draco!" He pouts and walks down the stairs.
"Malfoy. (L/N). You're late."
"I'm so sorry, sir. I can explain!" You're a bit frightened of Professor Snape and the things he could do.
"Malfoy, don't be late again. Sit down. As for you, (Y/N)... I'll be seeing you in detention tonight."
"No buts, Miss (L/N). Now take your seat before I make it two days of detention." You reluctantly take your seat in front of a chuckling Malfoy. "Today we will be making a shrinking potion. I will choose your partners. (Y/N), you're with Draco."
You turn to the blonde with a look of disgust as he smirks at you. "Is (Y/N) afraid that innocent Draco is going to make her get more days of detention?" You can smell the mocking stench drip from his words.
"Shut up and help me." You're well aware that you will be doing all of the work today. You're making the potion perfectly when you have to go and grab a newts eye; the one thing you forgot. When you return, Draco is smirking and you notice that the potion, which used to be a smooth, green concoction is now pink and bubbly. "DRACO. WHAT DID YOU DO?!" You start yelling at him and you feel the same hand on your shoulder from before.
"Make that two nights of detention, Miss (L/N)." The professor has a smirk tugging on the corner of his lips. "Class is dismissed. (Y/N), you stay." As everyone leaves the classroom, the air gets colder. Soon, it's just you and Professor Snape. You shiver from the temperature and his stare. "Come here." You slowly walk towards him and he stands. When you stop in front of his desk, you're surprised by the look in his eyes. It's something you've never seen before. Not anger, not annoyance, it's love. "Miss (L/N). I have been informed of something that has come across as quite a shock to me. I have been told that you..." He walks swiftly around his desk and whispers in your ear, "fancy me."
Your eyes widen in surprise. "I... Um..."
"You can't deny it, (Y/N). I can tell if you lie to me."
"Yes, sir. I do fancy you. I have since first year." You feel his hand caress your cheek.
"My dearest (Y/N). I had a feeling you did. I just needed to make sure. I've seen the way you look at me. The way your (E/C) eyes sparkle is stunning."
"W-what are you trying to say, professor?"
"I'm trying to say I fancy you as well. I have since the first time I laid my eyes on you." He leans in close to you, his lips inches away from yours. You can't help but stare into his eyes.
"Professor I-"
"Please, when we're alone, call me Severus." Before you can say anything, he closes the gap between your lips and you feel sparks fly. His lips are soft and they sync perfectly with yours. You reach up and run your fingers through his hair as he lifts you up and sets you on his desk, not breaking the kiss. It is only broken when air is needed.
"I like this type of detention." You giggle.
"If you'd like, (Y/N), you can have detention every day."
"I'll consider it, Severus. I'll be the biggest trouble maker in your class."
Professor Snape chuckles at your comment and pulls you close to him. You smile sweetly as you listen to his heart beat a steady rhythm.
"Yes, professor?"
"Will you be mine?"
"Of course I will." He holds you tighter and the once cold and frigid air becomes warm and inviting. All thanks to him.

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