Yami X Yugi (Puzzleshipping)

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Yugi was deeply in love with his dark. In the beginning when they first started to know each other they easily become friends and shared so many amazing adventures together. And now. He was in love. Of course Yugi would never be brave enough to tell him. And that's what he thought until some days ago.


"Yuuuuugiiii?" Hears an echo in the house.

No one answered.

"Yuuugiiii?" It calls again.

Still no answer.

"Com on! This isn't funny.."

And yet there were no answer.
Because in the small bedroom on the upper floor was a small teenage boy asleep.
His tricolored hair spread out on the bed and his eyes slightly open to reveal big bright amethyst eyes before falling asleep again.

Then man who was calling the teenager was Yami. You could think that him and Yugi was brothers because of how much alike they were. Both had tricolored hair, Yami's was just a little wilder then Yugi's and he was a bit taller.
"If you are asleep again I don't know what I'm going to do.." Yami signed and walked out in the kitchen and have something to drink. Finding a soda in the fridge and walked around in the house. Thinking about all that life has offered him.
"I wonder if he knows how cute he is when he is asleep and how I love his eyes. Those adorable big amethyst eyes. Not just his eyes all of him. His cute rounded face and tine body."
Yami walked upstairs and without knocking he walked in on a sleeping Yugi. Without warning he walked forward to the boy closed his eyes and kissed his head.
"If you only know how much I love u Yugi"
"I love you too you know.." Said a sleepy Yugi Ochoa Yami's Crimson eyes met Yugi's.
Yami was in a total shock. His aibou. His partner. His light. His everything. Loved him.
Yugi was looking at Yami to see if he could do anything but to stare. And after a minute of not moving Yugi brought his lips to Yami's. Yami was now back on earth and kissed back.

"Thank you.. I love u" he said and smiled a loving smile.
"I love you too" could be herd and then a cute yawn.
"Tired are we?" Yami teased.
"Yeah" He answered and rolled over in his bed to fall asleep once again.
Yami took this chance to hop in the bed and hug the little boy tight.


Yugi woke up in the late afternoon and thinker back to his dream about Yami and when he was about to move he felt an arm around him hugging him tighter. That's when Yugi realized that he didn't dream. Yami really did love him.

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