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Emile's PoV
"I'm home!" I yelled as I dragged my suit case into the living and I grinned. Lindsey was curled up in Cole's lap and Beauty and the Beast was playing on the Tv. Meru and Henry we cuddling on the couch, their hands intertwined together. Katy and Amber we both asleep, their backs to each other.
"Hey Emile!" Cole whispered and I turned my head to look at him. He was smiling and his cheeks were tinted a light pink.
"Is she asleep?" I asked him as I sat down next to Cole.

Cole nodded his head and moved the blanket a bit, uncovering Lindsey's head.
Lindsey moved around a bit and snuggles closer to Cole, causing me to giggle.
"It's good to be home." I smiled and wrapped an arm around Cole's shoulder, watching the movie with them as "Be our Guest" started to play.
??? PoV
"Sir! I can't do that!" I growled out.
"I can kill you with a snap of a finger. Do it!" He yelled and I flinched slightly.
"Do it yourself if you want to kill her!" I yelled frustratedly. I heard a click of a gun and something pressed to the side of my head.
"What about your daughter? What would she do if she grew up with out a Mother to help her?" He teased and I clenched my jaw.
"Don't. Bring Makayla into this." I growled.
"Then do the job!" He said and removed the gun slowly.
"You have 24 hours to come up with a plan. She'll be dead by the end of this week." He told me and I saw his green and red eyes in front of me.
"You fail. You'll be dead by morning." He growled and he walked out of the room, his spikes hitting the door.
"Keep her in here." He told his minions and I heard a rattle of their bones as they moved to in front of the door.

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