He drove her back to the hospital in silence, she stared out her window and he kept his eyes on the road, gripping the wheel in a vice like grip. What the hell happened back there? He completely forgot everything about her that he hated.

He had forced himself to stop, she didn't need anymore on her plate and she didn't need the stress. He had forced himself to stop, but he almost didn't. He wanted to take her right there on that couch but he knew it wasn't right.

"Thank you," She said as he parked in front of the hospital.

"You're welcome, when Iris is released or if there's any change please let me know."

"I will."

She climbed from the vehicle without even a glance back at him. At some point it had started to rain and as she hurried up the sidewalk he couldn't help but watch her go, waiting for her to glance back, just once, just one glance to let him know that she felt something in that kiss. She didn't.

He sighed and then pushed whatever sense of longing he felt for her aside. He didn't have time to worry about her or her kid, he had a club to run and a war to try and survive. However, as he drove back to the clubhouse he couldn't block out the burning in his stomach, the tightness in his chest, the almost overpowering desire to lash out at someone. That little girl was hurt and someone had to pay for it.

He parked at Chrome and climbed from the truck as he crossed the parking lot he saw Demon and his dog sitting on a stack of tires near the gate, keeping watch for anyone who shouldn't be there.

Ty was walking around the large chain link fence, making sure it was not only sturdy but that nobody had tampered with it. The families were milling about in the playpen and in the hidden parking lot getting sun by lounging on picnic tables. There was no sign of Lacy.

He walked straight to the bar and poured himself a shot. He had just downed his first drink and was pouring a second when the door swung open. Zeke strode into the room, dragging Becky along with him by her arm.

"Let go of me!" She hissed.

"Sit your bony ass in that chair and stay there!" He yelled back pointing to a chair.

With a haughty little sniff and lift of her chin Becky complied and gave her a warning look before walking towards the bar and shaking his head.

"Woman trouble?" Wolf asked.

"She ain't my woman."

"Should have sent Ty to get her," Wolf commented, pouring Zeke a drink.

"He looked, he couldn't find her. I told her it was for the best she come with me but she's missing a big job opportunity to be here and she ain't happy about it."

"Would she be happier dead?"

"I might be if she was," Zeke said.

Wolf laughed just as he caught sight of Becky, standing a few inches behind Zeke. She looked shocked and her eyes showed she was thoroughly wounded at the thought he'd wish her dead.

Wolf froze and Zeke tensed, sensing the change in his boss. He turned slowly on the stool to face her. Immediately he winced and shot to his feet.


"Is that how you really feel then? You wish I was dead?"


"Fine! Granted, from here on out I'm dead to you. You needn't ever worry about me calling you, texting you, stopping at your house to make sure you have food in the fridge and a clean place to sleep. You don't ever need to stop at my door late at night to get your bullet holes stitched closed. Don't you ever....ever......come near me....again."

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