Part 17 ☺

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So your walking through the sewers to the lair of the Turtles. Its just so bazaar. Just EVERYTHING! You Officially find out from Raph that he was dating you and he suffered greatly cause you don't remember anything. You didn't realize it but your index finger was softly massaging your bottom lip as you were thinking of when he kissed you; Twice. Your heart pounding like a beast is trying to escape from a cage and is finally releasing itself. You remember feeling this feeling before when you were talking to him on the couch; that was the day Leo took you swimming. That was the best day you had in a long time, especially since the rest of the Gang came surprising us XD You chuckled at the thought. "Whats so funny?" You heard a curious voice ask. You turned to your side and saw Donnie."Oh hey Donnie :D" you smiled. "whatcha doin out here?" "Oh just running some tests, small experiments. Nothing special." he said casually as he looked at you then to his wrist scanner. "Hey do you have any of the pizza left over from yesterday?" You asked. "You mean the one Mikey made? YOu actually like that stuff?!" Donnie exclaimed.'Yea its really good. Ive never had homemade pizza the way he makes it." you complimented. Donnie just opened his mouth a pointed at it as he was pretending to gag. You Laughed XD "What? you dont like it?" You asked the obvious. "Are you kidding?! Its gross. Mikey puts weird stuff on it. I'm more of a Veggie pizza kind of dude." he answered looking at you moving his glasses with his one finger back up on his nose ridge. You then tripped and stumbled while standing like a statue afraid to trip again. "You ok?" He asked as he kept on walking backwards while looking at you. You huffed and relaxed "yea :) " You smiled and then you were about to take a step when all this sudden you fell through a grate; like it was a trapped door. "DONNIEEE!!!" You screeched. "Y/N!!" He yelled your name as he ran to your aid. He looked down and saw you were grabbing onto an old skinny pipe just sticking out of the wall and your legs were dangling "DONNIE!!" You screamed. Tears were running down your face from fear of falling. "Hang on. I will get you out of there." Don reassured you. You were calming yourself down by imagining him saving you and getting you out of this Deep, dark, wet, abyss of loneliness; aaand then your fear hit you again. And it got so much worse when you heard crumbling of the wall and saw pebbles coming out from behind the pipes. You were just hanging on by the rusty end. It was starting to bend when you squeezed your hands around it as tight as you could afraid to fall and never see any of the turtles again; you'd never see Mr. Splinter, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo Or Donatello ever again :'( You started to cry which didnt help with the breaking pipe in your hands. "D-DONNIE!!" you screamed in fear. You didnt hear anything. "D-Don?!" you yelled. Then the pipe broke "DONATELLO!!!!" you screamed, you screeched, you bellowed. The walls echoed your scream. You were just relaxed for some scared reason and was about to let fate take your life while tears flew upwards in the air like an anime as you continued to fall. Then your limp Body was caught and bungied backup to the top in muscular arms. You opened your reddened eyes and saw Donnie "I told you i will get you." "You scared me. I thought you left when i didnt hear you." you sobbed in his arms. He decided to just carry you the rest of the way home. By time you two reached the lair you were asleep in his arms. Limp and looked hurt. Mikey rushed over. "Hey is Y/N alright?!" he asked in serious concern. Raph and leo walked over to see you in his arms. "is she alright? IS she hurt?" Leo asked. "What happened?" Raph gruffly asked the timid turtle (Donnie, duh). Donnie walked over to the Cardboard pizza hut couch and layed you down. He turned around to face everyone. "She's fine; but SheDidFallDownAGrateSomewhereInTheSewersAlmostFallingToHerDeathButISavedHer." Donnie spoke fastly afraid of Leo and Raph's; Especially Raph's reaction. "WHAT?!?!" They all synchronized "What.Did.You.Say?" Raph using a really deep voice they've all never heard before; deeper than his batman voice while walked up into Donnie's personal space standing superior to him and looked down at him while using his tongue to rearrange his toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other. Donnie's eyes Widened and then he heard a groan. He turned around and saw you sitting up Raph shoved Don out of the way to see you clearer if that was even possible. Leo shoved Raph over and Mikey Shoved Leo over. "Woah. Is everthing ok?" you asked shocked on the guys behavior. "Y-you know you could've just asked me to move. That would have worked too." Donnie suggested. Leo Glared at Don "What.HAPPENED!?" Leo Demanded. Donnie looked at him straight in the eye in fright of what his eldest brother would do to him. "I'm not gonna ask again." He sternly informed him. "W-well I had ran into Y/N and w-we wer-re talking and then she had tripped and then a grate of some sort opened up. I SAVED HER THOUGH! SHE IS RIGHT THERE!" Donnie didnt mean to yell but wanted his two big intimidating brothers to see that she is in fact alright. Leo sighed and looked back at you. You eyes afraid of what he might do. He was acting like Raphael would. YOu never saw Leo the calm, cool, collected leader act this way..ever. I mean you didnt know them for long due to your lack of memory but you felt like you've known them forever. "hey Mikey?" You asked without your eyes moving away from Leos; until 3 LLOONGG seconds later. "Yea?" He asked confused on why you'd be asking him of anything right now, when he clearly knows two of his brothers likes you. "Can i have some of that pizza you made? Its kinda the reason why i came down here today. I was craving it big time!" you giggled. "REALLY! you really want some of my pizza??" He asked enthusiastically. "Sure does!" you smiled :D "Ok ok I"ll be right back." he got up all excited from the ground and ran to the other side of their home. "Hey Donnie?" you groaned still all sleepy rubbing your eyes. "...yes?" He hesitated given his state between his brothers being mad at him for some reason he couldn't understand. I mean, He saved your Life. They should be giving him a Thank You Cake or something. "What happened? I had a dream i almost died but it felt..real. I just...OW god!" You touched the back of your head. The two boys glared back at donnie. He backed away by one foot with his eyes wide not blinking afraid if he blinks; Raph and Leo will punch him. "H-here let me see you head." He scooted his way around the brothers and put on knee on the couch and inspected your head. He looked around for about 15 minutes to make complete sure. "well?" Raph asked. "I don't see anything. No Bumps, no Bleeding. You probably have a headache thats all. Nothing to worry about." He smiled your way :) You turned around to face him "Thank you Donnie" And then you kissed him on his cheek as a thank you. Raph's eyes beaded down on Don and Leo was furious with what just happened. "MIKEY!" you said very childishly and took a bite of the warmed up pizza. "Hey thanks for warming it up ^.^" "yea no problem." "did i miss anything?" He looked around all dumbfounded but he felt heavy tension happening. "OH is that for me?" you asked MIkey pointing at the Dr.Pepper. "Hmm? Oh Yea it is! Here you go." Later on during Raph and Y/N watching Edward ScissorHands Mikey, leo and Don were playing truth or Dare. "Ok Don, its your turn. Truth or Dare!" Mikey told him deviously while smirking. Out of MIkey's logic Donnie took a chance of taking a Dare. "Dare me!" Donnie commanded confidently. "OOOhh good choice! Ok i darrree...youuu toooo.. OH Ask Y/N on a date!" Raph heard this from the couch. "WHAT?!" "yea! do it." Mikey said cockily while he crossed his arms. Don looked at Leo scared, but Leo didnt seem pissed at all! I guess it was because it was just all a game. "Umm o-ok." Donnnie got up from his Pretzel position and walked over behind you. Tapped your shoulder; you looked up at the dorky turtle. "Hey whats up Don!" you asked happily. "C-can i ask you something in private?" Donnie gestured his hands to the other side of their home. "Yea sure. Is everything ok?" you asked him while getting up without taking your eyes away from Donnie. You walked around the couch and followed him. Raph watched the both of you walk away. If Raph was a cartoon he'd have steam coming from his ears like a ChooChoo train. "Yea i just uh..(Donnie rubbed the back of his neck) would you like to go out on a date with me?" He asked nervously with his head hung low but his eyes looking at you. "Yea sure!" you answered happily. He picked up his head "Seriously? you would?" He asked shocked. "Yea you seem like a really fun guy. and i like you. So why not :D " you smiled. "Great! Uh i'll text you." "AwesomeSauces." You then walked back to the couch and sat down next to Raph and leaned your head on his shoulder comfortably. "what did the nerd want?" He asked annoyed "Oh don, He just wanted to go on a date with me." Raph looked at you stunned you said it so casually. "And what did you say?" "Yes." Raph got up from the couch and looked at you. "I Dont understand. You treat us like we're toys to you!" "Wait what?" you asked concerned. "YOU know what I mean! First you date me and then you 'Lost you memories' (He quoted in the air with his fingers) and then Know when LEO and I LIke you! YOU think its ok! To just go out on a DATE WITH DONNIE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!" You stared at him in shock with tears ready to Stream down your face. He left for the Dojo. You stare at the same spot as if he was still their but he wasnt. He was gone. He grunted as he slammed the doors closed. You flinched. The other guys were just staring at you from afar until Leo came up and sat down next to you. He felt a little awkward now that you do know that he likes you. "Leo...Is all that true? Am i just using you guys? I'm sorry I didnt know that you liked me. I'm..sooo.ssorry." you apologized while sobbing in your lap with your hands covering your face. "I feel soo horrible." "Non of those things are true." Leo told you. "wha?" You asked taking your face out of the shadows of your hands and looking at his Crystal blue eyes. "Non of those things are true. You aren't using us. It just happens that we all like you very much." Leo explained with his hand on your Shoulder and his eyes all soft and loving. "Thank you, Leo." "Don't listen to Raph, he's just upset cause Donnie-boi is gonna go on a date with you." Mikey told you. "raph gets upset easily, I think its because he's always trying to make himself seem intimidating with his muscles when really he is a big softy." Donnie explained. You sniffed "Thank you guys. Your really the best friends i've had in a very long time." you smiled to them all. "SOoooo does that mean I get to go on a date with you next?" MIkey asked jokingly. You giggled. Raph's pov. That idiot! I can't believe she actually SAID YES!! WHAT THE FUCK! Raph roared and pounded his PunchingBag of sand. That Idiot, Idiot, idiot, IDIOT! SHe's such an Idiot! He stopped punching and leaned his head on the bag as tears flowed down his cheeks. He took his mask off so no one knew he was crying. He knelt down and continued to cry. "why. Why couldn't you remember! I want us back. I miss you Y/N. I know you're outside of this Dojo sitting and probably crying because of me but..I need you to be mine. Only mine. Not Leo's. Not Don's. But Mine. I want to lock you up in a closet and keep you for me. I Miss you so Damn much." He words shuttered as his shoulders moved up and down from crying. "I love you."

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