Epilogue part 2

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"Come on you lazy twat!" I yell through the bathroom door.
"I'm coming." Rina yells back.
"Jacob's here to pick us up. I'm going downstairs and he says that if you're not there in five minutes, we're leaving without you." Jay walks in and says.
"Why is he here to pick us up? There's no way I'll be ready in five minutes if miss slow poke keeps hogging the bathroom!"
Rina must've heard me because she yells back "I'm almost done! Geez!"
"I can make him wait for 15 minutes tops. Sorry." Jay says apologetically.
"Uh no I'm only waiting 5 minutes." Jacob bursts into the room and says.
"Jacob! Get the fuck out!" I screech and attempt to cover my mostly naked body; I was only wearing a bra and underwear.
"Oh calm down. It's not like I've never seen anything like that before. I've seen you in a bikini." He says with a roll of his eyes.
"Dude!" Jay is quick to shove him out of our room.
"You better be in the car in 5 minutes!" He yells.
"Be ready in 20" Jay tells me before shutting the door. I go back to pounding on the bathroom door.
Finally, she opens the door.
"It's about damn time." I say and shove past her. "Now you have to help me get ready since you took so long."
I put on an outfit similar to Rina's; a black skirt a blue shirt, some jewelry, light makeup, and my hair curled. Twenty five minutes later, we went downstairs and found Jacob's car. Sitting in in the passage get seat was an unfamiliar girl. We quickly get into the back seat and Jacob turns to glare at us.
"Glad to see you still don't like being on time for things." He says with a scowl.
"Aw we missed you to Jakey."
"I told you to stop calling me that."
"Never. Now who's the chick." Rina nods her head to the girl.
"Don't be rude." Jay elbows her in the side.
"Ow I wasn't trying to be rude."
I elbow Jay back and he whines "What was that for?"
"Don't elbow her."
"I see that you guys have gotten even more childish than last time I saw you." Jacob says with a sigh. "Anyway, this is my girlfriend Audrey."
We all wave politely then leave. The whole ride there, the three of us annoy Jacob and Audrey with our obnoxious, terrible singing. When we get there, they're both eager to get away from us.
"Is David coming?" I ask Rina as we sit down.
"Ya he had to work late so he should be here soon."
"Who's David?" Audrey asks.
"My fiancé- I mean.. My boyfriend." Rina ends in a nervous laughter.
"Haha... Surprise?" She looks nervously at me.  Jacob, Jay, and Audrey say congratulations but I whack her several times on the arm.
"When? Where? Why?"
"Last night at our third year anniversary dinner. What do you mean by why?"
"Why didn't you tell me immediately?" I punch her again.
"Well it was like 1am by time we got home and I didn't want to wake you up."
"Excuses. We both know I was awake at 1am. You also had the chance to say something all day."
"Well ya but you were setting up the prank then we were shopping then at war then we were all comfy and peaceful then we were getting ready to come here. I just didn't see the right opportunity."
"The right opportunity would've been at any point throughout the day. I'm not speaking to you anymore." I say and turn my back to her.
"Don't you wanna see the ring?"
This caused me to turn quickly back around. She smirks and pulls a necklace from under her shirt and I see the ring dangle from it.
"Oh it's gorgeous. Congratulations." I hug her tightly.
"Does this mean you're talking to me again?" She asks.
"No it just means I'm congratulating my best friend." I end the hug and turn my back on her again.
She tries to talk to me several times but I ignore her.
"What happened now?" David asks when he gets here.
"Rina just accidentally let it slip that you're engaged. Congratulations by the way. But Mira's upset that Rina didn't tell her sooner." Jacob explains. I hear David slap Rina's arm and her whine quietly.
"You twat. Why didn't you tell her?" He asks. I turn back sound and face him.
"Exactly." I agree with him.
"Oh why did I let you two ever meet? You act almost exactly the same." Rina complains.
"You know you love us." David smirks and kisses her on the cheek.
"Can you imagine two Mira's? Ew picture the horror." Jacob says with a mock shutter. David and I both hit him.
"There's been a lot of abuse tonight. Is this how it always is?" Audrey asks and looks around at all of us.
"Yes. Always." A voice responds.
"Hey Matt."
Four years ago, Rina and Matt broke up. We all stayed friends though so Jacob decided we should start inviting him to our yearly dinners. It was a little awkward at first, especially once David came around, but all was well now. We were all close friends. As far as I knew, Matt was single and working at a Fifth Third.
"What's the cause of the abuse this time?" Matt questions as he sits down.
"I've been with Rina all day and she didn't tell me she got engaged. It's blasphemy." I grumble.
"Do you even know the definition of blasphemy?" Jacob asks.
"No nor do I care what it means."
"Will you guys ever grow up?" Matt asks.
"Never." We all reply proudly.
"You're all such little kids."
"Thank you."
"Wait does this mean you'll finally move out of our apartment and actually stay at your own place?" Jay asks Rina, excitement evident in his tone.
"No, marriage won't change that. I'll still be spending the night weekly." She replies. Jay groans and Rina and I laugh.
"So, girls, tell me about this wonderful prank you did this morning." Jacob says.
We explain our alarm clock prank and then the Nerf war we had.
"Which I totally won by the way," Jay interjects.
"Don't even lie. We totally won."
"No way,"
"Jay, dude, just give it up. We all know the girls won. They kick ass." says Jacob.
"Thanks Jakey."
"Never mind I take it back. They suck."
"Don't be rude Jakey."
"Quit calling me that!"
"Ok calm down children." Matt says to shush us. "You're arguing will get us kicked out of the restaurant. Again."
"Again?" Audrey asks and looks around the table, all of our faces bright red with embarrassment.
"Oh I love this story. I'll tell it. Two years ago, we were at some fancy restaurant that Rina and Mira picked out. We were all dressed nicely, surrounded by rich snobs-"
"They all hated us and they were all asshole." Jacob interrupts.
"Don't be mean. Now shush, I wanna hear the story." Audrey said.
"Anyway, everything was going well. Everyone was acting civilized and like actual adults. Then, somehow, Jay and Jacob has snuck in candy. When David and I weren't looking, they would sneak M&Ms. Eventually, they were all sugar high and acting even more childish than usual. They were so disruptive that the manager had to come ask us to leave. Apparently, they had all dared each other go see who could eat the most M&Ms without us noticing."
By the end of the story, Audrey was in tears. "That- that actually happened?" She asked between giggles. Jacob nods his head and refuses to meet her gaze.
"Why do M&Ms and dares always get us into trouble?" Rina asks me.
"What do you mean?" questions David. "Well if it weren't for M&Ms and a day of dares at the mall, we wouldn't have met you weirdos." Rina says and gestures to Jay and Jacob.
"Aw you know you love us."
"How are you're grade school friends? What were their names, Miley and Lacey?" Jacob asks.
"Not even close. It's Hannah and Liz."
"I've heard it both ways."
"No, you haven't. And we still talk to them every once in awhile. Liz is in some professional girls soccer team now."
"Hey remember that time-"

And that's how the rest of the night went. Us telling cheesy jokes and remembering past times. It was an amazing night and when we left, I was already looking forward to the next time we all met up. I will always remember when Rina and I challenged the bad boys to a prank war. And won the war, of course. The boys surrendered at our mercy graduation night. We were truly bad ass' who could kick some bad boy butt.

The End

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