Recommended drama- White Christmas

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White Christmas is a perfect drama to watch this Christmas.

White Christmas is a korean drama which is based In the mountains of Gangwando, there is a prestigious private high school named Soo-Sin. The school is located in an isolated area and all the students and staff stay in dormitories. The students at Soo-Sin comprise of the top 0.1% of all the students in South Korea.

In order to get into Soo-Sin, students must prepare from elementary school. It is even harder to get into than Seoul National University. Because of this, students at Soo-Sin must compete fiercely and study even on weekends. Their only vacation days are the 8 days from Christmas Eve to the first day of the new year. During this time, the students and faculty leave the school. The school becomes empty.

On December 24, 2010, a bus full of students leaves the school. Diligent honor student Park Moo-Yul () stays behind because of a letter a received a couple of days ago. The letter is full of hate and states they will die, but leave a curse on Park Moo-Yul. At the school, only 7 students stay behind ...

There are a load of actors in this drama like kim woo bin, Hong jong hyun, Sung joon, Baek sung hyun, lee soo hyuk , Kim young kwang and Kwak jung wook.

Im currently watching this drama and the drama itself is so captivating and interesting that it keeps the audience entertained and wanting to carry on.

The drama itself has a total of 8 episodes.

 This thriller and mystery drama will definitely keep you entertained this Christmas. 

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