Chapter 3 *edited*

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~Alyssa’s POV~

 “Hold on,” Renesmee’s mom, Bella, said, sniffing the air. “She’s nearby.”

 The vampires below me turned their heads, inhaling and trying to name my scent. Good luck with that.

 “What is that, Carlisle? I’ve never encountered a scent like that before.” a male with short blonde hair asked. He was holding a girl’s hand, who somewhat resembled a pixie. She had short brown hair that spiked up in different directions and golden eyes.

 “I’m not sure, Jasper.” Another man—Carlisle, I assumed— answered.

 “Smells like a vampire.” A muscular boy with dark brown hair said.

 "But also one of those filthy dogs.” A gorgeous blonde next to him added.

 "Spread out and track the scent." Jasper ordered. We have to find her.”

 They walked off in different directions, following the scattered scent trail I left them. When they were all out of sight, I crouched down to make a run for it, but froze when I felt a cold hand grab my neck. 

“Found her.” Muscle-man announced. He jumped off the tree, bringing me down with him. My back hit the ground hard and I was pinned there. Then I realized that I was surrounded. Perfect.

“Careful, Emmet, you might hurt her. She looks human.” The blonde girl warned.

“She sure as hell isn’t human!” he answered, tightening his grip on my throat.

“I’m not going anywhere, Muscles, you don’t have to try and choke me.” I said.

“Don’t sass us, little girl.” Jasper hissed, placing one hand under my chin and the other on top of my head, ready to decapitate me. I felt the coldness wash through me and smiled as I gained emotion control from Jasper. Thanks, Jazz.

“Why don’t we all just calm down?” I suggested, sending a wave of calming emotions out of me. Jasper pulled at my head a little. The power couldn’t work against him.

“How did you do that?” He growled. Seeing as I was about to be decapitated, I kept my mouth shut.

Carlisle came over to me and bent down near my face.

“My name is Carlisle.  Who are you, young one?”

“Answer truthfully or you will die.” Jasper warned me.

“My name is Alyssa; I’m just hunting. Can you please let me go?”

“Your scent is strange, Alyssa, what are you?”

Thanks, Carlisle. Just ignore my request to be let go.

“Look, I know that I haven’t showered today, but that’s rude.”

"Answer him." Jasper said, pulling my head until it began to hurt. I winced.

I heard the sound of paws hitting the ground and screamed. “Jake! Jake, your help would be fantastic right now!”

I smiled as Jacob stopped running. The Cullens were looking at me strangely.

“Who is Jake?” Emmet asked. “He won’t save you from us.”

“I don’t need to be saved. I just want a little assistance because I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Honestly, I could decapitate everyone here before they could blink. I was much faster and stronger than any of them. But if I hurt them, it would upset Renesmee, and then Jake would kill me.

In a flash, Jacob leaped out of the woods and tackled Emmet off me. The both tumbled backwards and Emmet looked at Jacob, confused. Now that my body was free, I lifted my legs up, wrapped them around Jasper’s neck, and flipped him over. Before he could attack me again, I phased and he jumped back.

Everyone’s mouths were agape as they stared at me.

“What?” Emmet exclaimed, breaking the surprised silence.

Jacob quickly changed in the forest and walked back out as a ‘human’. I figured that I may as well too.

“What is that?” Emmet asked, pointing at me.

“We need to speak somewhere more private.” Jake said, then looked over at me.

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