Chapter (32)

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Isabella's POV~~

I felt myself becoming colder; my heart slowly freezing over.

I knew what I was about to face but that did not mean I was ready for it. Walking through the courtyard; I heard them before I saw them.

"THEY KNEW! THEY HAD TO OF KNOWN!" A voice filled with anger screamed.

"They were well prepared, that is all." A voice I knew too well as my father's reasoned.

Turning the corner, I took in all the men standing, with an air of anger around them. Their plan to attack had failed and it was my fault- my plan was successful. Reaching the crowd I stood next to my father, as a circle of men surrounded him; Chase and Liam among them. 

"I suppose, we go back to the drawing board." My father spoke, with a hand on his chin, deep in thought.

"They were, very well prepared. One could think they were warned." Chase's rough voice spoke up. Glancing at him; his arms were crossed and his eyes narrowed, burning into me.

Gulping I dropped my eyes to the ground; shifting my weight from side to side nervously.

My father shrugged his shoulders, "Our next attack won't be foreseen. Come, we can begin planning."

My father gestured his head for the men to follow him, everyone slowly walked away with him. I remained still, feeling as if I was frozen under Chase's glare as he stepped towards me.

"At least I know where your loyalty lies." His voice was hard as he spoke at me. I lifted my head slightly up; to meet his narrowed eyes.

"You know nothing, Chase." Turning my back on him, I walked back into the palace, leaving him disgusted with me. Perhaps I had gone too far, or perhaps I was only doing what had to be done. Either way, I took little comfort as it seemed betraying my throne was the only option, in order to save the people who worshipped it.

But ordering my father's execution; just seemed cold, heartless and ruthless. Betrayed by your own daughter, that would put a knife through the heart. But it was the only way; wasn't it?


Tapping my fingers on the window sill looking across the gardens; I waited. What I waited for I didn't know. All I was told was to wait here, orders from the King- my father.

Leaning my head against the window; today was a beautiful day. It reminded me of the day I spent with Connor at the lake. My heart clenched, as I thought his name.

Closing my eyes, why did he have such a powerful influence over my life?


Turning my head around I faced my father, watching him close the door as he entered. "Yes, Father."

Turning my back to the window and crossing my arms, I watched him intently. He had something he wished to speak to me about and I had a strong feeling I wasn't going to like it. Why did this feel so familiar?

"After our conversation..." He paused eyeing me for a moment, "in the church. I have decided it best that-" The door opening cut him off midsentence; I raised an eye brow, as Chase slid into the room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him; noticing how he wouldn't meet my eye.

"I asked him, too." My father answered my question; Chase remained a mute. Rolling my eyes I walked towards the lounge chair and sat in it.

"Well, continue then, father." I crossed my legs, watching as my father walked to the window- looking out like I had done moments ago.

"We need to find your mate immediately." Folding his hands together, "I have already begun the search."

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