5.1: Chunks From Past

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Chapter 5.1

Hussain's POV

Shehry kept on looking my face with a little too much seriousness and I frowned.

"Shehry! This much seriousness is not good for your health man! You need to chill!"

"Bakwas na ker Saley! Or bat man ja meri" he fired back grumpily and I rolled my eyes, trying to ignore his stupid idea once again in the past few days.

I mean I don't know that girl....and there is no way I will marry her, not now not ever.

"I will never ever marry that girl. Understood?" I looked straight in his eyes confirming yet again.

"Reason?" he asked crossing his arms at his front and I looked away from his gaze.

"I don't love her" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Bro! not everyone in this world falls in love then gets married. Few get marry and then fall in love" Shehry stated with his hand still resting over my shoulder but I just simply refused to understand anything.

"Shehry! Stop taking Dad's side for once in life"

"Am not taking his side Hussain! Am just trying to tell you that life is beautiful if you frown less and smile more" he stretched the corner of my lips wide and I jerked his hand away feeling annoyed already.

"I thought all this was just a joke, I thought they aren't serious about that rishta thing" I moved a hand through my hair frustrated.

"Khair ub aesi bongi na maar Bakri! You already know Dad. How firm he is in his decisions" he rolled his eyes and I jerked my head disapprovingly.

"I dunno about his decisions but I know one thing; am not going to marry this girl at all" I stated loud and clear and Shehry heaved up a helpless sigh before stepping towards me.

"Beth tu yahan" he tried to push me back on the bed but I remained unmoved. "Ch! Beth ja Bakri!"

Once I sat back on the bed he knelt down in front of me and looked at my face solemnly.

"Dekh! Bat simple si hea tu abhi 17 ka hea or wo bechari bhi koi 70 ki nai ho gai...

"Bechari mat bol usey. Sali! bone of contention" I cut him through, frowning and he rolled his eyes with a chuckle escaped his mouth.

"so what I was saying is that you two are too young at the moment, Dad is not making you two get married he is only asking you to keep on track and remember that you are engaged with her" he explained and I remained shut mouthed.

"study well, make a career and then once you are settled marry her, nobody is asking you to shadi-fy yourselves right now Pagal!" he smacked the back of my head.

"tu janta hea Hussain! Hamari family mein shadi jaldi ho jati hea elders don't wait to get our hair grey and back crooked for marriage" he added and I rolled my eyes.

"Mom Dad ko he dekh le. Mom was only 19 and Dad hardly 23 when they got married but see! How happy and satisfied they are"

"since when have you became such a wise talker?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

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