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What is worse than death? What induces pain and suffering? What refuses to allow you to take the easy way out? Because death ends your pain and suffering and allows you to take the easy way out. When you die, you are the only one who is notexperiencing torture.

Torture is worse than death. Torture induces pain and suffering. Torture refuses to allow you to take the easy way out. Torture makes you wish that you were dead.

The first recorded laws of the controversial death penalty were founded in the 1700s. The centuries progressed with the executions of the capital punishment developing from hangings into guillotines. Just as the constricting roping of noose snaps your neck as you descend with gravity or the quickened pace of the blade’s vertical drop severs your head from your body with a decapitation, you are instantly introduced to a quick and painless death. You would suffer more with a trip to the modern dentist.

The techniques of gas chambers and electric chairs and lethal injections were sentenced to the criminal bastards in the twentieth century. After a crime of extreme vulgarity was committed, the captured prisoner would be rewarded with a departure from this hellhole that we live in.

The criminals feel absolutely nothing and are unaware of all punishment that was presented to them, and then the methods of execution developed into more humane procedures for the comfort of the prisoner. Once their life escapes from their body, they don’t even know that they’re dead.

The government became aware of one of the most viciously malicious crimes since the Hi-Fi murders of 1974. There were two teenage girls of seventeen years old who were murdered. After their brutal sexual assault, their bodies were found with their heads cracked open and skulls pried apart with their brains leaking from the cavities of their heads. The brain matter seeped from their nostrils and ear canals and created a horrific solution within the flowing blood.

Multiple reels of steel wool were forced down their throats and autopsied to reveal that they each had a severely torn esophagus in addition to the sharpened fibers piercing their stomachs and impaling their livers and intestines.

Multiple lines of electrically stimulated metal wire were stripped from their rubber insulators and were infused into their flesh and appeared as thickened veins within their arms. The wires were connected to a power transformer that was situated outside of the crime scene.

Their naked bodies were found with a deeply whitened tone of flesh as their entire blood supplies were spilled on the floor that they laid on. Their bones were protruding from their mangled limbs with the joints bent and twisted in their opposing directions. An arm had been severed from one victim and a leg had been severed from the other. The limbs were literally pulled from their sockets and had ripped the skin and bone apart from each other.

Who had been even more fucked up than Dale Pierre and William Andrews? Thirty years later, it was Bradley Cunningham. He committed the dual murders alone because was so fucking sick that it would have been difficult for him to find an equally sick partner. Perhaps if he had a proper getaway due to an assisting accomplice he would be in the absence of the government’s custody.

Name: Dale Pierre

Conviction: First-Degree Murder

Penalty: Death

Name: William Andrews

Conviction: First-Degree Murder

Penalty: Death

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