"Let me up," I asked softly, looking at him again.


"Dirg has my sketchbook."

"You two are not to come in contact with one another. If you want it, then I will get it."

I banged my head on the table. I wanted to see him. I needed to know what he thought of all this. I needed to know if he hated me for trying to kill his Sunshine.

"I want it," I said.

He nodded. "Are you going to answer my question?"

I nodded. "I need it."


I scowled ever so slightly. "Because."

He looked annoyed. I cringed and shied away from his touch, afraid he would act on the annoyance.

"No, no. Don't retreat. I'm sorry. I will get the sketchpad. This is enough for today, yes?"

I nodded. He nodded back. "Pat will come by later and take you home. You are to be with me, her, the boys, or Lilly at all times. If you come in contact with Dirg or leave my family I will have you put in a cell and put under a 24-hour watch. Do you understand?"

I cringed again. He would leave me too. He would leave me alone in a dungeon. No one loved me.

"No, no, no," he exclaimed, responding to the look on my face. "I love you, Lucille. I would cage you like that for your own benefit. I would cage you because I love you and I don't want to see you dying again."

I nodded half-heartedly and looked away.

He sounded pained. "Lucy, I didn't mean to hurt you."

I nodded. He sighed and stood.

"We'll talk tomorrow?" he asked.

I shrugged slightly.

"I'm praying for you. Goodbye, Lucille."

He walked out, his boots clicking against the floor. Silence reigned once again. I was alone with my thoughts. My thoughts were evil. I was afraid of thinking, but that was all I could do. I never considered myself suicidal, not until Dirg turned around and I saw tears dripping down his cheeks. I had hoped he would break out and finish killing me.

Instead, he said he wanted me to live. He picked me up, getting my blood all over him and flew with me in his arms, revealing his black wings. He threw away his cover and put his life on the line to save me.

I tried to fight back, but he held my hands and absorbed the dark explosions. He didn't let me choose to die. He didn't really care about my opinion. I chose to stay with him, but he dumped me here. I chose to die, but he saved my life. Yeah, he hated me.

I guessed that I couldn't die. I could try again, maybe we would go swimming some time soon and I could drown, I had tried that once before. King Amora's offer was there, though. I could let him help me. That meant letting him into my castle. The walls were thick, but the inside was barren. The last person that had come in had torn the inside apart, leaving nothing but a shell. If I let my father in I would have to show him how empty it was. Maybe he already knew.

I was scared. Dirg had fought his way into my castle. I had never let anyone in. I grew up with Miss Sparnage. I didn't dare let any of the girls in, for few stayed very long. Letting King Amora in was almost unthinkable. What if he finished what Dirg started? What if he totally ruined every aspect of my being? I realized I was broken, but I knew it could get worse.

Eventually, Queen Pat came in and smiled at me. I looked at her and tilted my head.

"Amora said you talked to him," she said.

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