Cass's life only got better when she became a vampire. Note the sarcasm. This isn't the fun, sparkly-in-the-sunshine or are-all-super-attractive type of vampirism, oh no, that's not Cass's luck. It's the sun-will-burn-your-skin-off, without-fresh-blood-you'll-starve, and-it's-all-hell type of vampirism. And when she and her sire/mentor/random guy who showed up may have accidentally technically awakened an apocalyptic force, the two must figure out who their allies are, and who their enemies are, and who they can trust to survive it. And, yes, that is three separate categories. All while figuring out the world of Supernaturals, of course.

This is an original story.

This story, while already partially written, will begin to be posted in late November/early December 2015, since I am a sophomore in college and have a busy schedule I cannot promise frequent updates, I want to give myself time to write more of it for you guys :)

There is some violence and swearing in this book, as well as the occasional sexual scene (there will be a warning at the beginning of any chapter with one). 

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