Chapter 2 *edited*

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~Alyssa's POV~

*25 years after chapter one*

"Seth, pass the chips." I said to the youngest werewolf in our pack. Well, besides me. I still looked thirteen.

He passed the bag up to me from the floor (I had wrestled him for the spot on the couch and won), and shoved my hand into it. The pack and I were at Jacob's house, where the four of us were watching a football game. Leah and Jacob were sitting on either side of me, and -like I said before- Seth was on the ground.

When the tension between Jacob and Sam forced them to form separate packs, I went with Jake. Seth and Leah did too. I was pretty eager to get out of Sam's pack, seeing as he was a super annoying, bossy, control-freak.

Seth was my best friend, and I was glad to still have him in my pack. We probably got along so well because he was the same age as me. Well, in a manner of speaking. We we both thirty-eight years old, but I looked thirteen and he looked about seventeen.

The final touchdown ended the game and Jacob was up and out the door. I heard him phase and run towards the Cullen's house. He seriously couldn't stay away from Renesmee for any real length of time whatsoever. That was usually where Seth, Leah and I were: guarding the Cullen house. The Cullens didn't know me. None of them had ever actually seen me before, seeing as I was always off in the woods. While in wolf form, I smelled very similar to a normal werewolf, so Jake always said that I was just another one of his pack members and the Cullens didn't ask any more questions. I was a bit of a secret. I had a powerful gift, along with my half werewolf half vampire condition. Seeing as I was the strongest one in the pack, Jacob saw me as extra protection for Renesmee, which is why I spent every day there. I spent every day of my life protecting a girl I had only ever seen in Jake's mind.

"Come on; we should probably get going, too." Seth got up. We walked outside and phased. Lucky for me, my clothes just disappeared whenever I phased, and reappeared when I phased back. I guess I was just lucky.

When we got to the Cullen house, Jake got dressed and ran inside. Seth and Leah stayed in wolf form in front of the house, while I moved back into the woods. I was far enough to be out of view, but close enough to attack if something came.

The day went fine until Jacob came out of the house at around 8:30p.m. and called us all for a meeting.

"The Volturi are coming for Nessie." he announced.

I phased so I could speak. Jacob told us all about the Volturi a few years ago. "Didn't they come for her like ten years ago?"

"They apparently want something else from her."

"What are we going to do? How much time do we have?"

"We have maybe a year." He replied.

"Then why don't the Cullens just move?"

"The Volturi will track them down."

I saw the pain in Jacob's eyes, so I walked up to him and put my arms around him. "It's going to be okay, Jake."

"Thanks, Ally." he said.

That's what everyone called me. I was Ally. Jacob was Jake. Everybody had a nickname.

I phased back as he went into the house.

Jacob had to go home that night because his father needed him to do something, but we all knew that he would go back to the Cullen's house in about an hour. Maybe sooner.

Leah and Seth went home to sleep, but I really needed to hunt. I watched the three of them leave, then turned around and phased into my 'human' form, letting my vampire instincts take over. I smiled as my favorite animal's scent drafted into my nose. Mountain lion. I followed the scent, then crouched down into my hunting stance, about to leap at the large cat. It was laying by a tree licking its fur.

As soon as I leaped into the air, someone else did too. We crashed into each other mid-air and as our skin made contact, I felt a rush of cold wash through my body, like it did every time I gained a new power. I could sense right away what the power was. This girl was a shield --and since I touched her, so was I. A copy of her power was now in me, along with all the others I had gained throughout the years.

We both flew backwards from the impact, and the mountain lion ran away. Damn. We both stood up and looked at each other. She had long brown hair and golden eyes, signaling that she drank animal blood. I noticed her breathe in my scent and look confused. It made sense; I was 99.9% sure that she had never met anyone like me before. I recognized her as Renesmee's mother.

She turned and sped off towards the Cullen house. Knowing that she was probably getting help, I ran in circles all through the trees and then climbed up a tree. Maybe the crazy scent trail would lead them away from finding me. Trouble with the Cullens was not something I wanted to deal with, if it could be avoided.

If I ran back towards the Reservation, they would just follow my trail there. From one of the branches, I stopped breathing. Seeing as I didn't require oxygen to live, making extra noise was pointless. I stiffened as I caught the scents of eight vampires coming my way. As they came and stood under my tree, looking around, I bit my lip.

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