Chapter 36 *PART 1*- My Ball with Pink Paint

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Chapter 36

My Ball with Pink Paint




"You ready for this, Tee?" Luke asked me, grabbing a hold of my hand and interlacing our fingers. I looked up at him and nodded with a smile. We both took deep breaths and looked at each other reassuringly.

Then we heard a piercing scream so we ran into the dance.

But the sight we saw, made no sense.



Where the hell did she go!? God dammit! This isn't going as planned! Teagan was supposed to be dancing with Ty and Luke is supposed to walk in and see them. Then, Ty will dedicate a song to her, get her to kiss him, and Luke will come crying back to me. Ty will get his girl and make sure Luke doesn't. It's not my best plan, I'll admit, but this way we all win. Well, except Teagan. Why? Because once Ty gets her to fall for him, he's going to screw her over. I smile at the thought.

The whore will finally get hers after sleeping around so much and trying to steal my boyfriend.

I start walking through the grinding and the dancing to get to the refreshment table. All this scheming is making me terribly thirsty. I grab a cup and reach out to get the ladle when another hand did the same thing. I look up to see Alexander Walters in all his glory.

I mean, at first, I was so excited and thrilled to have found my mate, but then I realized that if I went with Alex, I wouldn't be Alpha female. Alex was a fool to give up his position. Alex is a great bang though he doesn't have the power, so that's a deal breaker.

Sound concieted but who cares.

Not me.

"Hello." He said, smirking, not pulling his hand away, which was on top on mine. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and I was hypnotized.

We just stood there, staring at each other..And I was about to call off everything until..

"Will you please hurry your asses up?" A very snooty voice asked behind us. Alex snapped to reality and took one look behind me then he walked away, saying nothing. I breathed out an annoyed breath and turned behind me to find one of that bitch, Teagan's, friend. Some emo weirdo. She had her mask on her head like she didn't care.

I scowled at her. "What do to need, freak?" I sneered at her. Emo scoffed at me and rolled her eyes.

"Some damn punch, whore." She said with a sweet smile then proceeded to push me away from the punch bowl. I stumbled back and almost lost my balance, but quickly caught myself. Everyone around us gasped and had a look of terror on their faces.

I must have a scary reputation I guess..

But the emo didn't look scared. She just look amused. Now that got my blood boiling. She just pushed me out of the way! I stomped straight up to her and got in her face.

"What the hell, bitch!" I hissed at her. She calmly set down her empty punch cup and then turned back to me.

"Well, I said please." She said shrugging and then walked off with a sly grin. I was seething at her back as she walked away. My fists clenched and I felt my eyes flicker to wolf vision, then back again to human. No one noticed but they were shocked.

Before Luke broke up with one messed with me. No one. Especially not emo freaks! I decided to follow her to show her why should she still be afraid. I could take her.

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