Chapter 5

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Stealing Heart 6/8/13

Chapter 5

Allison’s POV

So many thoughts have run through my mind as I skate to Ryan’s apartment. Good and bad.

Like why would an international popstar take interest in a country known criminal.


I skate through the south park entrance park watching as parents play with their kids in a loving manner. Kids sliding down the slide and the parents catching them or taking pictures with joy in their eyes. Then you have kids swinging on the swings with a parent or older sibling pushing them. I can feel a small smile make its way to my lips. Adjusting my snapback placed on my head, I watch parents chase their kids with love on their faces. I was in the middle of the park when someone coming from the east entrance slams into my left side. I fly backwards and hit the ground with an ‘oomph’. I try to sit up but dizziness takes over my brain.

“Oh pardon me! I’m so sorry!” A strong accent tells me. I just nod still having my dizzy spell. He holds out his hand and I accept it pulling me up. I shake my head clearing me from all the dizziness.

“Zayn we got to go NOW!” A familiar deep slow voice yells running through the west park entrance. Green piercing eyes and curly brown hair bounces my way. My brown eyes widen as I realize the international boyband who is taking interest in me is standing right in front of me. Harry finally realizes that I am standing right in front of me and try’s to grab me, but I am already running off with my skateboard. Slamming my skateboard down I jump on it speeding off.

“Niall Niall Niall!!” Harry screams running after me. Zayn follows finally understanding who it was. Three other boys run into the west entrance being chased by about seventy girls.

So here I am.

Being chased by One Direction.

Being chased by a bunch of teenage girls.

Always fun!

Cue the sarcasm.

I try to search in my mind the fastest way out but they have closed the East and North park entrances because of construction on the broken fence. I smirk knowing exactly what to do. Looking back I see that the boyband is maybe seven hundred feet away and the fangirls about three hundred feet from them. I skate over the hill and see the wall in view, and the playground too. When I get within one hundred feet of the playground I take off running. I quickly do some calculations in my mind of how I can slide down the slide with the skateboard and jump the broken four-foot fence getting in the four-foot section and not the six-foot. I jump up the stairs three at a time running to the slide entrance. Almost no kids crowded the play set. Most of the parents took their child when they saw the group running towards them. I jump of my skateboard ready to slide down the slide when some fat kid stood in my way.

“What’s the password?” The kid says acting all tough. I roll my eyes pushing him out the way. He instantly steps back in front of the slide.

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