Chapter 13: Changes (part III)

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Kailley's Pov

Oh noh ... he's going to kiss me 

I feel his lips on mine .... but suddenly 

He stop .... aish... why he stop?? 

"We should finish to eat first" ha said and give me a goddamn smile

"o-okay" i'm blushing right now

Nathan ... how could you do this to me ??

We're done eating and he said that we will play at the Timezoned

We go to to a basketball game .... aish i dont have any experience playing this 

"Do you know how to shoot this ball to the ring?" ha asked 

"I never play that game so how i supposed to  know how to play that" note the sarscasm

I realize what i say .... Ughh .. i dont know what i'm feeling right now 

I easily get irritated with the person around me this day

"Napansin ko na ang sungit mo ngayon" he said 

I know ... i'm also feel that ... like i am speaking english right now 

What the hell is happening to me ...

"And so?" i get irritated to him 

"okay, ganito na lang , one shoot .... one kiss" ughhh ... kiss ?? really 

This is a public place so there's a lot of people seeing us

"Kiss ?? ... I dont like that deal" i said to him

"You'll say yes or else i will make love to you ... Right here ... Right now" he said while grinning


"i'm dead serious sweet heart" 

"Okay, fine" 

He start to playing ... then he have shooted the ball

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