Wanna Color?- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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Harry had been away on tour for a few weeks now and it isn’t like you hadn’t been to a few of his UK shows when you had time off from Uni, but a weekend in Barcelona sounded fantastic. A chance to work on your tan, relax away from school, and watch Harry work on his tan. Who would wanna miss that? You had spent all day at the pool with Harry, Lou, Tom, and baby Lux and you loved spending time with them. After spending all day in the sun and swimming, you and Harry were exhausted and after having dinner with Niall and the Atkins fam decided to head up to your room to uh… “sleep.”

As soon as the doors to the elevator closed Harry turned and pushed you into the corner of the elevator, “Harrrrry stop what if the doors open and somebody sees?”

“I dont mind” and suddenly is roaming hands had moved from running up and down your sides and in your hair to sliding up your inner thigh getting ever so close to.. *ding* 

Harry snapped away and stood next to you with his arm wrapped around your waist as an elderly couple entered the elevator casting disgusted glances your way. Harry muttered a “good evening” but got no response… awk. 

A few floors later as the doors opened Harry grabbed your hand and ran down the hall to your room laughing at the fact that you two had been caught canoodling in the elevator by an elderly couple. Harry flopped onto the bed as you changed into your pajamas. Instead of digging through your suitcase you slipped on one of Harry’s shirts and a pair of his boxers, “Oh just help yourself to my clothes, no worries”

“Don’t mind if i do” you sassed and and made your way to the bed that Harry was laying on. Harry had neglected to change but sat with his hands behind his head leaning up against the head board in swim trunks 

As you crawled into bed and next to Harry you looked over into your bag and realized that Lux had left her markers in your bag and all the sudden had an idea… “Can i color in your butterfly?”

“(Y/N)! Are you serious?” 

“Dead serious! Oh come on I’m bored!” 

“Haha, I guess so then sure. You’re such a weirdo” 

“Shut up, you love me” 

You winked and crawled towards him. He opened his legs and you laid down with torso between his legs and your chest just so happened to be pressed up against his penis but oh well you were in perfect position to start coloring. As you started coloring in his tattoo Harry started giggling “You aren’t taking this very seriously, quit your gonna mess me up!” you yelled as Harry started squirming around. You couldn’t help but notice that his penis dick had been getting harder and harder as you’d been coloring but decided to ignore it for the time being. “Done!” 

As Harry looked down he now had a beautifully colored pink and purple butterfly on his chest, “well that wonderful lets hope that doesnt last too long..” he said “admiring your work?” he asked as he saw you looking down 

“if that what you wanna call it sure..” you replied. At that you looked up at Harry and slid down to your previous position, his boner was clear now through his swim trunks. You started tugging at them until his erection had slapped up against his stomach,

“Ohhh thats what you were admiring” he said with a smirk on his face

You placed your hands on his thighs and ran your tongue up the bottom length of his dick, sucking lightly on the tip. Harry moaned above you. You took his dick in your hands and began pumping it while you wrapped your lips around the tip and began to suck harder, “ooooh fuck (Y/N) thats good” 

You began to push his dick as far back into your mouth as you could take it and began to bob your head, Harry started panting and bucking his hips into your throat “Shit (Y/N) im gonna cum” your started pumping your hand up and down his shaft and sucking hard on the tip and he shot himself into your mouth. You swallowed all of him down and kissed a trail back up to his chest and began nipping and sucking at his nipples and traveled up to his neck, sucking on his skin until the blood was drawn to the surface and you’d left a purple love bite on his neck. 

you rolled over next to him and smiled at him 

“ohhh we’re just getting started” he smirked

he shifted himself on top of you. Nibbling on your ear, placing sloppy kisses down your jaw, and trailing down your next to your chest 

“I do love when you wear my clothes but…”

he ripped his shirt off over your head and began suck on your nipples, nipping and tugging until they were pink and hard. Then he slid down your body kissing every inch of you until his face was positioned at your center. 

“And theses boxers…” he slipped them down your legs “Im not diggin them” 

He licked right up your center just catching your clit, your breath hitched. He smiled up at you, “Harry stop being such a tease” 

“Whatever you say, (Y/N)” 

He dived right in, licking up and down your slit and sucking on your clit. He began pumping on finger in and out of you and then added another while sucking even harding and nipping at your clit. “mmmm.. Harrrry” 

“Yes, (Y/N)?” 

“I’m gonna….” 

All the sudden he stopped. “Im not gonna finish you off like that!” 


As soon as you began to complain about Harry’s leaving you hanging, he rammed his hips right into yours, not giving you time to adjust to his size. 

“uuuggghhhh, your always so tight (Y/N). I missed this.”

His thrusts were hard and precise, hitting you all the way back each time. The bed started to bang up against the walls behind you and your head was hitting the head board. 

“uhuh Harry dont stop” that familiar feeling in your stomach was building up. 

“Your so tight im gonna..” 

He shit himself inside you and sent you over the edge, the room was filled with your muffled moans and heavy breathing as he collapsed on top of you the smell of sweat and sex engulfing you. 

“Aren’t you glad i broke out the markers tonight?” you asked from beneath him. 

“Yeah, maybe we should color more often. I’ve got a special magic marker for you, it grows if you rub it” 

“Hahaha, your so not funny” you giggled and he muffled your giggles by smothering you with kisses replying 

“Im fucking hilarious” and winking at you. 

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