Gallery Opening- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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I was just putting on my red lipstick when my doorbell rang. Squealing excitedly, I hurried to the door to open it for Harry, one of my closest friends. I flung my hands around him and hugged him tight. It had been a while since I had last seen him.

“Harry! I’m so glad you’re back!” I screamed happily while his strong hands enclosed my tiny frame to squeeze me tight against him.

“I’ve missed you too, Y/N,” he whispered in my ear and we held the embrace for a little while before I let go. I smiled at him sweetly, but his brows crinkled in confusion when he took a closer look for the first time.

“What’s wrong?” I immediately asked.

“I’ve never seen you so dressed-up,” he said a bit breathless, and his mouth finally curved into a smile.

“You don’t like it?” I asked a bit timid. I wasn’t so sure about the lipstick, either.

“No, please, Y/N,” he said, prying my hands away from my face “I love it, it looks great,” he said sincerely and I grinned while those fucking little butterflies in my stomach swirled around as if they were on a rave. I had been in love with Harry for quite a while now, but obviously, he would never feel the same way, so I kept torturing myself by pretending to be his ‘friend’. I hated myself for it every day.

I quickly grabbed my bag and coat, and we went down to his car. Harry was invited to some gallery opening, and he had asked me to come with him. The ride there was silent, he shot me curious glances from time to time, but I was just daydreaming out of the window.

After we arrived, Harry was immediately whisked away by some important people while I was left alone in a huge gallery full of black and white photography. I wandered through the exhibition, and quickly got enamoured with the photographer. Most of the pieces were portraits, and he had an uncanny ability to capture people at their most vulnerable. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

“What do you think?” a man standing next to me asked while I was just admiring a huge portrait of a woman. She had the most pretty face, almost doll-like, but a single tear was running down her cheek, and her look was heartbreaking.

“It’s eerily beautiful. Just like she is,” I mused, smiling at him. He was very handsome, exactly the type of guy you would find at events like these. He studied my face for a long moment, and I blushed slightly, to which he smiled happily.

“This might sound weird, but would you let me take your picture?” he asked and my heart stopped for a beat while my expression dropped.

“Why would you want to take a picture of me?” I asked, completely shocked.

“So I can hang it right next to this one,” he answered, motioning to the piece of the girl. My mouth dropped.

“You’re the artist?” I asked, my voice barely a whisper. He nodded and took my hand.

“And you are exactly the type of person I take pictures of. Say yes, please,” he urged me and all I could manage was a shaky nod. He beamed at me and began walking away, dragging me along by my hand. When we passed a large group, I heard a sudden “Y/N!” and we stopped. Harry came towards me.

“There you are, I have been looking for you. I see you’ve met the photographer?” he asked, nodding at the man still holding my hand.

“So she’s with you, Harry. I should have know. You always had a thing for aesthetics,” the man answered and laughed lightly. My brows furrowed. I was surely not aesthetic. Harry smiled politely.

“I asked her to be my model, I think she has the most amazing face,” the man continued and Harry’s expression dropped.

“No,” he said immediately, taking my other hand protectively. He was staring at the photographer with a hard look.

“Why not? Your friend here said yes,” he didn’t give up.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, we should go,” Harry said, tugging on my hand.

“But Harry…” I tried to say, but he just cut me off.

“It’s a really great exhibition, congrats again!” he shouted while he dragged me away. I was confused. Why was he acting so weird?

Harry didn’t say a word until we were safely back in the car.

“What was that?” I said a bit angry. He just looked straight at the road, not bothering to answer.

“Seriously, Harry, you are acting really strange!” I almost shouted, but he just kept calm.

“We’ll talk at home, alright? I need to focus on traffic,” he said slowly and I just groaned and slumped back in my seat. He was taking us to his house, and when he parked the car, I got out, slamming the door and stomping to the front door. He unlocked it and I stormed into the living room, pouring myself a glass of Whisky immediately. He came in after me, and I turned around, glaring at him.

“Care to explain now?” I asked and he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Harry! You’re really pissing me off right now! A brilliant photographer wanted to take my picture, and you just dragged me out there! I will never get a chance like that ever again! He wanted to photograph me, of all people! I still don’t understand why, but hell, that was a big opportunity!” I screamed and he finally seemed to care.

“He’s got a reputation, you know? Sleeps with a lot of his models,” he said grumpily.

“So what? That doesn’t mean I would have slept with him? And even if I did, why would you care?” I gave back fuming.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he said simply, looking at me for the first time. I gasped for a second, he seemed really bothered by it.

“Well, you know what? I’m hurt now, so you did a pretty good job at that! I’m so plain anyways, and he wanted me, and now… now I’ll never get that chance again,” I said, my anger finally vanishing. I slumped down on the couch and buried my face in my hands. Harry shuffled over to me and put his arm around me shoulders.

“You’re not plain, Y/N,” he said, but I just shook my head.

“I am. No one ever looks at me twice, I’m always just the nice girl who has a lot of guy friends. I hate it so much,” I said, tears threatening to escape my eyes. I looked at Harry and found him staring at me with a curious expression.

“Stop, sweetie,” he said calmly and I cocked up an eyebrow.

“Do you have any idea of how good you look today? And that lipstick… damn that lipstick, I bet it was what made him talk to you in the first place. You’re basically begging to give someone some head with those lips,” he said and my face dropped.

“I… I didn’t mean to look cheap,” I stuttered. Harry smiled softly and took my face in his hands, bringing us closer. My heart began beating really loud.

“That’s the problem, honey, you don’t look cheap. You look hot,” he said, his eyes locking with mine.

“I do?” I asked, my voice hoarsely. He nodded.

“Yes, and I’m sorry, I’ve waited all this time, but I can’t wait any longer,” he said quickly, and before I could fully comprehend what was going on, his soft lips found mine and he kissed me. I froze for a second before I closed my eyes in pleasure, enjoying the feeling of his lips on mine. I increased the pressure and kissed him back, my hands finding their way around his neck effortlessly. I pushed him back on the sofa and got on top of him, kissing the hell out of my ‘friend’. We broke apart for a second and he beamed up at me.

“You wanker, I’ve wanted you too, you know?” I asked while I smacked him across his chest. He laughed and pulled me down again, latching his lips onto my soft neck.

“Then bring those lips to good use, darling,” he whispered into my ear and I rolled my eyes. I could hardly wait…

I shot Harry a cheeky wink while I slid down his long torso, bringing my face to the level of his zipper. I undid it slowly, teasingly, until the fabric of his boxers became visible. My fingers traced over the thin material, feeling up his erection underneath. I licked my lips subconsciously and Harry groaned loudly.

“Stop teasing Y/N, please…” he whimpered and I chuckled lowly before I slid down his pants and briefs, freeing his cock.

“Ooh….” I let out a long sigh of appreciation, my eyes widening at the sight of this beautiful penis. It was exactly right, and I closed my hand around it softly, pumping Harry up and down a few times. He groaned again, throwing his head back in pleasure and closing his eyes.

I smiled satisfied and brought my mouth down to enclose the tip with my lips. Kissing him softly, I let my tongue wander down the whole shaft until I was at the bottom. Then I licked up again, making Harry curse loudly. I licked him like a lollipop, playing around like it was a toy, before I put him in my mouth. Slowly, at first, until he gently hit the back of my throat. I hollowed my cheeks and began bringing him in and out of my mouth in faster rhythms.

Harry’s hips started bucking against my mouth, rocking softly in the same needy rhythm my lips were transmitting onto his member. I knew he was enjoying it, and that’s what made me work even harder. He was at the back of my throat again when I swallowed hard, making my inner walls clench around the tip, and Harry climaxed almost immediately.

“Fuck, Y/N…” he let out a long breath and shot his liquid down my throat. I waited until he was done before I reclined, smiling at him softly. There lay my best friend, the boy I was in love with, completely exhausted from what I just did to him, and it wasn’t awkward at all. It just felt so… natural. Like it was meant to be.

Harry breathed hard for a couple of minutes before he hoisted himself up with a spurt of energy, flinging me back onto the couch in the process. I giggled while his mouth left hot traces down my neck and chest.

“You’re amazing,” he murmured while playing with one of my breasts. I ruffled his hair and arched my back to get rid of my shirt. He got the hint and stripped me down almost immediately. Hooking his long fingers into the hem of my panties, he shot me a cheeky look before he slid them down, revealing my most intimate part.

I gasped when he nestled his head in between my thighs, kissing softly along the soft flesh of my inner thighs, until his plump lips found my core. I let out a tortured moan while he began licking up and down slowly, teasing me with that perfect tongue of his.

“So beautiful, baby,” he mused while bringing two fingers up to complement the fantastic work his mouth was doing. He gently slid them up and down my slit a couple of times before he delved into me, making me moan with pleasure. His mouth found my clit again, and he started sucking harder while his fingers pumped in and out in a merciless rhythm.

“Oh my effing god!” I began cursing loudly while I came closer to my orgasm. Harry grinned into me, and I let out a short laugh as a response before his free hand, which had been tightly wrapped around my leg, wandered up my exposed torso and found a hold on my breasts. When he began massaging, I basically saw fireworks, and climaxed as intensely as never before. I cursed and shouted his name, wriggling underneath his touch, until I felt like I could move no more.

Harry retreated from in between my legs and pushed himself on top of my heaving body. He gave me a sloppy kiss and I grinned blissfully.

“That was… wow. Thank you,” I said softly while stroking his wild curls out of his face. He smiled lovingly and nuzzled my nose with his.

“It was just the beginning, love. I’m not done with you yet,” he said playfully and I cocked up an eyebrow.

“You’re not?” I asked teasingly. Harry shook his head and licked his lips.

“Put on a fresh layer of that fucking lipstick, and we can go all night,” he whispered huskily and I basically jumped out from underneath him, rushing over to my bag. I grabbed the lipstick and went over to the next mirror, applying it with ridiculous precision.

When I was done I turned around and strode over to his waiting figure in what I hoped was a seductive manner. Bending down and bringing my hands on both sides of his hips, I left my mouth inches from his and whispered:

“I’m all yours.”

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