Chapter 1

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"Come out.....come out, where ever you are!"

I crouch to the floor and roll over to the wardrobe. I've been safe for over 3 years, I'm not ruining that now. The footsteps of Richmand sound up the hallway. I hold my breath.

"I know you're in here love!"he calls, tauntingly

I gulp back a sudden wave of tears that I feel creeping into my eyes. Not now, don't cry Willow, I say silently to myself. The bedroom I'm in now is rotting slowly away. The once rich brown beams lining the ceiling are now grey with cobwebs and are infected by wood lice. Soon the roof will cave in and the top floor destroyed. The floor boards are the same as the beams and so is the old victorian fireplace which I once sat infront of many years ago. Not anymore though. Mrs Bloomberri was my practically my mother. She raised me till I was around ten after my real mother left me to fend for myself just after my second birthday. This was her house and mine for many years. They're both dead now. Well Mrs bloomberri is anyway, I don't know about my mum. I don't care though.....wherever she is, I hope she suffers a horrible death for making my life crap.

"Willow." calls Richmand, is voice getting nearer.

I open the wardrobe door as quietly as I can but it betrays me and makes a hair raising squeak.

"S**T." I say out loud.

I hear Richmand's cruel chuckle as his footsteps stop outside the old door. I had wedged a chair under the handle but I doubt it's gonna hold him back for more than ten seconds. Thats all I need though. I open the wardrobe door fully open and climb onto the old shoe box Mrs Bloomberri kept all her photographs. My hand searches the very top shelf, where I hid the weapon last year. Richmand is now frantically wrattling the handle, I swivel round just to see the chair leg slip. My heart stops as he charges into the room, his eyes flaring. My heart starts beating faster and a bead of sweat tricles down my forehead. I turn back to the shelf praying that I'll find what I'm looking for.

"Ah.....there you are Willow. Thought you could hide You stupid girl." he sneers turning to face me.

My hand touches something cold. A gun. Relief floods me and I grasp the dusty metal handle. A smile creeps onto my face.

"Yes I guess you could say I was hiding....I was also buying time." I say smiling back at him surprised how casual my voice sounds.

He looses his smirk suddenly as I pull ot the gun from behind my back. Just the fault I needed him to make. He pastes his professional expression back on his face but it's not quite as effective as it was before. I play with it in my hands, loving how I can see a thin layer of sweat beading his face. His hands scramble to something attached to his belt.

"Ah ah.......don't move. Not quite so confident now....are we." I say laughing.

"Your insane!" he whispers

I whisper back loving how scared he looks, "I know......and I love it!"

He closes his eyes and takes a small piece of paper from his coat. He unfolds it then stares longingly at it. A small tear trickles down his cheek and falls softly on the floor and seaps down into the cracks.

"Wife, kids...?" I say, pretending to feel sorry for him

He doesn't respond so I lift the gun up so it's level with his heart. It feels good. I forgot what a gun felt like, knifes and syringes just aren't the same. I tilt it back and then forward enjoying keeping Richmand on hold.

"Any last words or requests?" I ask, my finger running up and down the trigger.


"I'll take that as a no then..." I say

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