Note: Im sorry if im really bad at these but you know atleast i tried.

Key: Y/N= Your name. Y/F/T= your favorite troll (as your moirail) Y/P/T= Your Patron Troll.

You and Tavros are Really good friends or moirails. You never undertsood these troll-like customs. You dont really have feelings for Tavros but you knew he had flushed feelings for you. Which is wierd. You never thought a troll would feel "red" for you or something. Even more awkward you didnt know if you could ever fall in love with a troll.

You dont think everything is absolutely possible between you and Tav. But maybe things could go well and he'd feel flushed feelings for someone else. You always get message alerts from Tavros, on your PesterChum/Trollian. "Just great," You thought, "A troll has actually fallen in love with me. with all my great luck."

You actually started getting annoyed by Tavros. Well just with his constant messages. Your PesterChum/Trollian wouldnt stop ringing so you decide to give up and answer.


Y/N: Well hello there Tavros. AT: hIYA,,,,uHH,, y/N,,,,,,wHAT ARE YOU,,,,uHHH,,,,dOING LATER? Y/N: Oh nothing really why? I was just going to go over Y/F/T 's house. AT: oH ,,,,uHHH,,,, i WAS WONDERING IF YOU ,,,,uHH,,,,wOULDWANT TO COME OVER? mAYBE? Y/N: Sure sounds fun when should i be there? AT: wHENEVER YOU,,,,uHHH,,,,wANT. Y/N: Oh ok sounds good Ill be right over Tavros. AT: uHH,,,oK BYE Y/N. Y/N: Bye Tav see you in a few.


Youget ready to go to Tavros' Hive. You didnt think what this was all about until you hear your mom downstairs talking about a date between her and her boyfriend. You think for a sec then say, "A date?" You instantly blush. You had no idea you would think of it as a date. For the first time you really hoped it was a date. More or less it probably wasn't. You always rejected Tavros when he asked you to be his Matesprit. You didnt want to ruin the Moirailship between you two. It was interesting to think now because you actually wanted him to be for boyfriend or matesprit. You still have no idea how those two are combined but you play along with the troll rules.

You now didnt know what to do, now that you've started to have flushed feelings for Tavros. Or atleast you think you do. You instantly Troll/Pester Y/P/T being He/She is the only one you can really talk to about this stuff.

Y/P/T told you about the quadrants and how it goes. You understood but you were scared about this new feeling towards Tavros. You decided you cant help it he has that troll charm. His Perfect eyes his Horns, That cute smile he does whenever he's around you. You wonder why you've rejected him Hes so sweet and he gets you like no other person......Or troll.

You thank Y/P/T for the advice then yougo to Tavros hive.

_----------------------Time Passing-------------imagine a horse dancing------------------------

You make it to Tavs Hive. You're blushing so hard it was hard to keep it from showing.

Gamzee lets you inside and settles you to a comfortable spot for you to sit.

Gamzee's POV:

"Ok" I said to Y/N, "Just settle here and Ill go get Tavbro" I went to get Tavbro but he wasnt agreeing to come see Y/N. The thing is i put up a message so Y/N would see Tavbro He's been crying an awful lot so i tried to cheer him up. "Tavbro come on" I said "Y/N Is here dont you want to see her?"

Tavros' POV:

I looked at Gamzee then looked away. I started crying at the thought of Y/N. I am so tired of her rejecting me. I feel like Eridan, I just want to be loved. She's my everything why can't she see that? I laid on the floor and cried harder. "I dont want to see her Gamzee" I whispered. "Im done with her." Just as i said that Y/N walked in the room. She looked at me then she bowed her head.

Your POV:

I saw Tavros Laying on the ground crying. I felt horrible I know why he's crying, sadly. I actually feel like Vriska. I looked at Gamzzee then said, "Gamzee can i talk to him?" Gamzee nodded his head then left to get some Faygo. I kneeled down next to where Tavros was laying down. Tavros turned his face away from me then said "go away i dont want to see you Y/N" Tavros cried even more then stopped again. I looked at him then i smiled. I leaned over to the side where Tavros' face was. I chuckled then i hugged him. Tavros looked at me then he smiled. His deep brownish orange eyes made me melt. I couldnt help it. I grabbed his Face then kissed him.

Tavros broke the kiss for air. He looked at me then instantly blushed. I blushed as well. I hugged Tavros again, But before i knew it he kissed me again. This time it was longer. I let go for air then i said "Tavros Can i ask you something?" Tavros smiled then replied, "Sure anything?" I quickly took a deep breath then i whispered, "Tavros will you be my Matesprit?" I blushed and put my head down. Tavros took my hands gave me a quick kiss then answered, "Of course Y/N"

Gamzee came into the room with a Faygo and a bucket then he said "You'll need these later." He winked at me and Tav then he set the bucket in the room and left. I laughed at Gamzee comment then i thought "wow life with trolls is going to be fun.


The end :D

So what did yuo think? I'll do more Homestuck x Readers ;)

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