I was walking onto campus to get to my first class. I arrived earlier than normal because I wanted to get a good seat in my first class. I was a student at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Directing was my ending goal, but like everything else in life you had to earn your way by starting from the bottom. Today would be the day we received the official grades on our class projects. The top three team projects would be landing coveted spots doing an internship for one of three notable producers. It would give us a leg up with our career paths at the end of graduation which I very much wanted.

Just as I stopped outside the classroom my phone began to vibrate. Answering it I brought it to my ear.

"Hey, babe." The voice of my high school sweetheart, Jason greeted.

"Hi." I replied back in the disgusting lovey dovey voice I had always turned my nose up to.

"So, I know today being Friday is our date night and I wanted to make sure of the time that you are going to be over. I want to plan things accordingly." He rushed out.

I went to open my mouth when I heard a womans voice saying she needs toilet paper.

"Who was that?" I asked, curiously.

I heard Jason laugh before he answered. "The tv, I'm trying to catch up on that show The New Girl. It's a pretty decent show."

"Yeah, I know, I was the one who introduced you to it." I laughed. "Anyways, I should be over around four-thirty. I can't wait for our date." I grinned.

"See you then. Bye."

After I hung up and put away my phone I entered the class. It seems as if I wasn't the only one eager about today because at least fifteen of the thirty-five students were already present.

"Hey, Sam, over here!" My best friend and Rachel waved as I started across the room.

I smiled and quickly took my seat beside her in the third row. "Are you nervous?" I asked her as I pulled out my laptop and began reviewing a copy of our project that we had turned in.

"As hell." She sighed. "If we don't get this then we will be another face in the crowd at graduation."

I ran my fingers through my long brown hair. "Don't remind me. I barely slept last night."

"Neither did I." Rachel smirked. "But for different reasons, if you catch my drift." She wiggled her perfectly tweezed eyebrows at me.

"I figured as much when you didn't come home." I laughed.

Our conversation went back and forth before the Professor walked in. Just like us the entire classroom fell silent, eagerly awaiting the news on which three teams would be trading in their classroom work for hands on training.

My eyes followed the professor as he picked up a clip board and pulled out the top three sheets. "If I call your name you will get up and leave for the remainder of the day. Your time with me is over with."

Rachel reached her hand over and laced her fingers through mine gripping tightly. "Oh my god, here it goes." She whispered in a shaky voice.

"James and Hannah, you will be interning for Warner Brothers." She paused briefly and then continued. "Lily and Veronica, Sony Pictures." I felt Rachel's grip tighten. "Rachel and Samantha, you will interning at Paramount Pictures."

Rachel nearly jumped out of her chair as we rose to our feet to leave.

"Remember, you are expected to arrive at your place of intern by nine o'clock. Don't be late."

The second we got outside the classroom door we jumped up and down excitedly. "I can't believe we got Paramount Pictures! They are the biggest production company in Los Angeles. This is going to look so great at graduation." Rachel said as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Two more semesters to go." I beamed. "And we get to spend them interning at Paramount."

Since we both took our own vehicles I headed to the apartment on my own. The second I shut the door behind me I went and jumped in the shower to calm my overly excited nerves. I was still in disbelief that we landed the most coveted of coveted spots.

I had thought about calling Jason, but I wanted to surprise him by showing up early at his place so I could tell him the news in person. Many thought it was weird that with us being high school sweethearts and nearly 22 years of age that we didn't have a place together.

When we first got out to Los Angeles I lived in the dorms. That's how I met Rachel who had been my dorm mate for all three years. Fourth year we decided to move off campus and get an apartment, which my parents thought was a good idea under one condition, I wouldn't be living with any guys.

Jason didn't seem to have a problem as he had been living off campus with his cousin Kyle since we arrived. They had a pretty nice place and since his cousin Kyle was a traveling business man it wasn't awkward whenever I would go over to see him.

After I finished my shower and got dressed in something to wear tonight I got in my jeep and headed over to Jason's. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when I told him about my triumph.

Opening the front door I made my way through to the living room where I heard the tv on. He wasn't there so I started towards the kitchen thinking he might be getting something to eat when I heard a thump coming from down the hall.

Curiously I made my way to his bedroom and opened the door. The light was on but the shower running in his en-suite gave away his position.

With a large grin on my face I crossed the room and pushed open the door. Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach. Jason was there, but he wasn't alone. There were two women in the shower with him.

"Oh my god..." I gasped causing him to turn around.

As quickly as I could I made my way out of his room and left the house in tears. I couldn't believe he would do this to me. We had been together since our Freshman year of college. We made plans to come here together and he had even given me his grandmothers engagement ring with the promise that we would get married after we graduated.

I hit my steering wheel furiously before sticking the key in the ignition before speeding off.

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