"Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer" : An Article by DemelzaCarlton

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Recurring nightmares that won’t go away.

Robbing you of rest, scaring you silly and lurking in wait for unconsciousness to have you screaming once more…

A normal teenager would drink warm milk, do some maths homework or watch a G-rated cartoon with singing mice. She’d try to go back to sleep.

Never normal, I had an antique notebook I was saving for something special. I closed my eyes to feel the memory then wrote down my dream. When it came back the next night, I wrote more. And again…

I was twelve. Almost a year shy of my teens. Yet in those yellowing pages, Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer was born.

A dream in the dark.

Opening your eyes to find you still see nothing.

Knowing monsters lurk in the blackness.

These monsters aren’t imaginary. These monsters are human.

And they won’t let you go.

Fighting is not enough.

Taking everything familiar, everything you thought was yours, to have and control, until you break.

Or die.

But if you survive, life will never be the same again.

For the darkness in your head is always there, waiting to ambush you in your dreams.

The nightmares are not all, for there is a story to Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer, too. The girl who woke up in unending darkness was dumped on a beach where Nathan Miller found her, barely alive. In her head lies the information to stop the monsters who hurt her from taking another victim, for her nightmares are real. The wounds on her body attest to how they hurt her.

What will Caitlin remember when she wakes up?

Stephenie Meyer dreamed of sparkling vampires talking in a field. She wrote Twilight.

Without mythical monsters, I dreamed of darkness I hope she never sees. Welcome to my Nightmares.


"Nathan Miller."

"What happened?"

"I was shot."

"Her name?"

"Caitlin Lockyer."

"What happened to her?"

"Looks like someone tried to kill her."

Nathan found a girl lying on a beach covered in blood. Saving her life was just the start. Now he’s the prime suspect and he has to find out who’s really responsible. Both of their lives depend on it.

Who hurt her?

Why was he shot?

What did he promise?

Why doesn’t his story add up?

Who was the dead man on the beach?

What will she remember when she wakes up?


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