What you and him do in your free time. (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: You both enjoy sitting in only each others company, drinking in his chambers alone fits you both well. As a king he doesn't get much calm, alone time. So free time isn't spent in extravagant ways.

Jamie Lannister: He likes to take you riding in the forest. He says that the forest reminds him of you, beautiful and pure. Sometimes he will tell you tales about his childhood and days fighting for the Mad King. You favorite is learning about how he got the nickname 'King Slayer.'

Khal Drogo: You and him care for the horses and talk about your future together. He talks about how noble and strong your son will be as he looks you over as you tend to the horses.

Viserys Targaryen: You to will lay in bed, talking about how someday you will be king and queen, ruling the world. You will shower him in complements and praise as you rub his shoulders. Making him the happiest man alive at the moment.

Jojen Reed: You spend your free time with him simply playing hide and seek and tag it reminds you of your childhood and you find entertainment in it.

Jonsnow: You shoot arrows into the woods to go and find, it gives you both heaps of alone time.

Robb Stark: You both enjoy going horse riding, finding a nice place to sit on the beach and sometimes you often kiss.

Bran Stark: You both love climbing trees and just sitting there for hours on end you have wonderful imaginations with him about flying.

Tommen Baratheon: Your always a lady when your with him you never do anything else but walk in the gardens and drink wine with him. You never stop being the perfect little lady to him

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