Chapter 1

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My name is Riya and I'm 20, I'm Hindu and live a very simple life. My sister Minakshi is 23 and my little brother Kesh is 15. My mom is from here and my dad was born and bred in India.

Here happens to be a small town in England, my life is simple I guess. I wake up, go to Uni and then come home. My Uni is close by home so I didn't stay out, but sometimes I wish I did. I am currently lying in bed and staring at my celling. It was Friday and I didn't have class so I was staying at home.

I rolled out of bed and did my morning routine; I headed downstairs and saw my mom and my sister talking.

"Morning" they said morning back and went back to whispering. I shrugged my shoulders at my brother and poured myself some food. My sister came in and looked at me.

"You and me are going out tonight" I opened my mouth "No arguing, mom won't let me see Raj alone at night so you're coming with me"

"Fine where" she smiled at me

"Were going to a club" I groaned and closed my eyes. Last time I went to a club with her I was alone and got lost. "Gosh lighten up it will be fun promise"

Later that day I was getting dressed to go out I wore a plain black dress that came just above my knee and some black heels with a sparkly belt and jewellery to jazz my dress up a bit. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was tall and I had a bit of a tummy. I wasn't skinny and I didn't care. I grabbed my purse and went downstairs. I grabbed my jacket and texted my best friend Simi to meet us there.

My dad came and looked my sister and I over. "I will allow it" he huffed. We said bye and head out. We ordered a taxi and went to the club. As soon as we got there, Raj swooped my sister away.

I looked around and found Simi she was sat at the bar and I went and sat next to her.

"You are having fun tonight missy" she pushed my playfully. I was a very serious person, I didn't like to mess around and I had never had any male attention all my life. I had only been to a club twice this being the third time. Simi pushed some shots towards me and I downed the.

"Fuck it" I was having some fun tonight. She grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor. I stated swaying my hips and someone touched me. I turned around and was greeted by a young guy, he looked my age and was at least 6" 2" tall. With my heels on I was nearly 6 foot. He smiled at me and he started dancing with me. He held my hands and he was dancing with me, he twirled me around and pulled me to his chest, he unclipped my hair and it fell softly around my head.

"You look way hotter now" he shouted over the music. He just said I was hot. I mentally had a little panic attack and looked at Simi who was busy with another guy. "I'm Rishi" he whispered into my ear.

"I'm Riya" I replied, he smiled at me and took me over to the side. We sat down and started talking.

"So I haven't seen you around here before"

"Ye I don't really go to clubs much" I pushed my hair behind my ear.

"You look beautiful by the way, your dress suits you perfectly" I smiled and thanked him. "If you don't mind how old are you?"

"Didn't your parents tell you never to ask a woman's age" I smiled at him.

"Ye my mom did but I had to"

"Well I'm 20 going to be 21 in a few months" he nodded and looked me over.

"I'm 22" I nodded at him and he got me a drink. I saw Simi coming over and she looked panicked.

"Riya thank god I found you, I was worried"

"What's wrong?"

"Um your sister sort of left, she's gone with Raj. She phoned you're dad and said you would be staying at a friend's house. And we kind of can't go home without her" I rubbed my temple; I was going to kill my sister.


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