What Wasn't There

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If the eyes could say all that my heart felt for you would you love me back or would you look away.

I'd dance, upon the paths, of wishes for you, the one I love, if only to feel a little nearer to you.

I could show you how to fly, on the wings, of dreams come true, and pass through the clouds, of dreams forgotten.

They say all things must end, but my love for you could never end, it is as infinite as space, and as beautiful as the stars in it.

Excepting you love another, so you'll never know how I could change you.

You'll never know what it feels to be loved by me, or see what it is to be loved with a pure true love.

My heart is shattering, pieces sharp and direct they penetrate my thoughts so I must think of you every moment but never to be with you.

I try to forget, but how can the mind forget what the heart can't stop feeling?

It can't because it fails to have the eyes to see what wasn't there, and the ears to hear what wasn't said.

By: Azure Starr Harbaugh

August 6th

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