Nightmare of Love

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You took my heart in your arms, and promised to always keep it safe.

The dreams you dreamed became my dreams, my dreams didn't matter anymore.

Your smile is what kept me going when everything else seems to fail.

All I could ever want I found on you even what I didn't know I needed you had.

When I look in your eyes I saw the universe revolve around you and felt it around me.

I slowly slipped I couldn't stop the falling I tried everything but no.

You let me go it was gone I was hurt lost and alone my heart cracked.

I flet for you in a way I have never felt for anyone else nor will I feel these again.

All I thought all those promises to be turned aside did they ever mean anything at all.

I lied awake crying listening to your voice in my heart telling me of love.

How I wished to wake from some bad nightmare and you holding me close.

Tell me again how you would love me and never let me go; but never again.

If you understood what you meant to me would you let me stay in your heart.

All you've been all you are all you will be I love you for, each day makes you better.

I love you from my lips means almost nothing because you don't understand it's intensity.

You have shattered my heart that i garded so cautiously and took a piece leaving a hole.

I'll smile always and forever but my eyes will sparkle with tears of pain.

When I'm right beside you I feel so close yet the farthest thing and out of reach.

How could I have lost you you whom was my everything and much more.

Forever in my heart you'll stay a silent love never too love me back.

Azure Stare Harbaugh

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