Chapter Two

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Better Than Revenge

Chapter Two 

I ran out of popcorn ten minutes into the movie. The reason for this? I kept throwing the popcorn at the screen whenever Christian Ryder’s face appeared. Considering he was the star of the movie, he appeared very often. My popcorn never stood a chance. 

I knew I should’ve gone with the extra-large bucket. What did it matter if it made me look like I would soon be extra-large, too? It would have been worth it. 

“You’re the best out here, kid,” an older, scraggly faced character said to Christian Ryder’s character. “But you still have a lot to learn. The ways of the streets aren’t what you’d think.” 

Wow. I couldn’t even remember the names of the characters. I didn’t even know what letter they started with. I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie, clearly. I couldn’t tell if it was good or not because I just wasn’t interested. Tori tried to get me to pay attention so I could “change my mind and appreciate Ryder’s sexiness and talents”. 

I burst out laughing when she told me this and I couldn’t stop until she smacked me in the gut; it was kind of like a wake-up call. A very rude wake-up call, but still a wake-up call.

We were alone in the theater except for two other girls. They looked to be about sixteen, although they could easily pass for much older, due to the heavy hooker make-up they wore.

Also, they were the two single most annoying people I had ever encountered in my short eighteen years. 

“Oh em gee, oh em gee, oh em gee!” the blonde one squeaked loudly. “He is so effing hot! Yummy! Oh em gee!” 

“I know, right?” the other one, a red-head, agreed. “I would so, like, marry him! Oh em gee!”

“Oh em gee, Tori, like, look at, like, him, like!” I mimicked in a highly annoying voice, very clearly making fun of them. “He’s so, like, hot, like! Oh em gee!”’

Tori giggled at my imitation. 

The two girls didn’t enjoy my imitation as much as Tori had, though. 

“What’s your, like, problem?” the red-head demanded angrily from her seat. 

I rolled my eyes. Girls were so dramatic. All I did was mimic them and they got so defensive immediately. “My problem is that my friend and I are trying to enjoy the movie and your commentary is getting annoying. You don’t have to add your own soundtrack to the movie.”

Tori snickered from beside me. “You’re trying to enjoy the movie?” she whispered.

I shushed her and turned back to see what the two airheads would say next.

“And you throwing, like, popcorn at the screen isn’t annoying?” the blonde one said, narrowing her eyes at me. 

“I was just trying to feed him like they do in the movies,” I replied innocently. “That’s romantic, right?” 

Tori had to cover her mouth to stifle her laughter. The thought of me trying to do anything romantically related to Christian Ryder was completely ridiculous. 

“Please,” the red-head scoffed, looking me up and down. “Like Ryder would ever go out with you.” 

I raised an eyebrow at her. “And he’d go out with you?” 

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