62. Play House

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I woke up to the soothing touch of someone playing in my hair. My heavy eyelids struggled to open. I closed them and yawned. I tried again and through my weary eyes. They explored and found a pair of black Supras. I smiled and closed my eyes once again. "You wake up happy?" Justin said. "I have no reason to frown." I responded. He continued to play to in my hair and rub my back.

"We're going to be landing soon." 

"We're back in LA already?" 

"Almost." He said. I sat up and looked out the window. "Did you sleep well?" 

"Yes. Did you get any sleep?" 


"Bout time you wake up!" Sammie kicked the back of my seat. 

"What do you want?" I looked at her. 

"Nothing, you just slept forever." 

"She might as well get her sleep now, because once we land we probably won't see much of her and Justin." Za teased. He was sitting across from me and Justin. Za and Justin's knuckles met. They laughed. 

"Stop!" I slapped his chest. "You guys are so embarrassing." I crossed my arms and sat back in my seat.

"Stop being so shy, baby." Justin pinched my cheek. 

"Stop being so shy, baby." I mimicked him and looked out the window. 

"Ri." He called. I ignored him. 

"Give me a kiss." 

"No." I didn't make eye contact.



"Okay then." He sat back in his seat. I sneakily looked his way. He was staring at me. I switched my gaze back out the window. My face was grabbed and I was attacked with several kisses.

"Justin!" I squealed and squirmed. I slid down my seat as Justin jumped on top of me. I tried to fight him off, but my body was weakened by laughter. Justin and I fell to the floor. He tickled my sides and kissed all over my neck. "Justin!" I tried pushing him off. 

"Give me a kiss." He stopped and looked at me. I puckered my lips and he concealed my lips with his. He pulled my hips closer to his and lightly grind against me. 

"Justin!" I gasped. He got up and sat back in his seat. 

"Freak." I mumbled. 

"What?" He asked. 

"You heard me." I stood up and sat in my seat.

"We're landing!" Sammie cheered. 

"Duh, you idiot the plane is descending." Za narrowed his eyes at Sammie. 

"This plane needs to hurry up, so I can get away from your ass." Sammie snapped.

"Stop lying. You know you want me. You'll be calling me everyday during this break." 

"You wish." 

"I don't." Za said. 

"Shut up!" Twist shouted. I laughed. Sammie kicked my seat.

I turned around, stood on my seat and slapped her legs. There was another smack, but it wasn't caused by me. I yelped and fell in my seat. My ass was stinging. 

"Sit down." Justin laughed.

"Justin, that hurt!" 

"It was supposed to." He smirked. 

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