Girl On Fire is playing

(I advise you play it through this chap)

Nicki wakes up and gets out of bed.

Nicki: I hate school.

Goes to daughters room to wake her up.

Nicki: Come on Kiera, time to get up *rubs daughters back in smooth even circles*

Kiera: But mommy, I wanna sleep

Nicki: Then I guess you can't go to your very first day of school

Kiera: It is! *wakes up fully*

Nicki: Looks like someone's awake. Now come, you need to take a bath

Nicki gives Kiera a bath then makes breakfast

Kiera: Thank-you mommy

Nicki: You're welcome baby *While Kiera eats she has a look that says she is in thought*

Kiera: Mommy, what's school like

Nicki: In kindergarten, you start learning big words and you play and take naps

Kiera: Really?

Nicki: Yeah... Are you finished eating

Kiera: Yeah

Nicki takes the dishes and washes them

Nicki: ok we need to go now


Kiera: I don't wanna go

Nicki: Come on sweetie mommy has to go to class

Kiera: Stay with me *starts crying*

Nicki: *gets on her knees* If you need anything, I'll only be 5 minutes away, no matter where I am

Kiera: You promise *pouts*

Nicki: *smiles* I promise

Kiera smiles and runs into her classroom. Nicki stands up and quickly makes her way towards her first period class which she is 25 minutes late for

Ms. Johnson: Miss Maraj please stay after class

Nicki: Yes ma'am *quickly sits in the seat next to one of her best friends*

Latisha: Girl, why you so late?

Nicki: I had some business to take care of

Latisha: Working on a new song

Nicki: Nah, I ain't got no inspiration yet

Latisha: Oh... The guy kind. Why didn't you tell me you had a man *Latisha felt hurt*

Nicki: Cuz I ain't got no man. It ain't got nothin to do with guys

Latisha: Then what

Nicki: Just some family stuff, aight

Latisha: Aight