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Nicki moans as she hears the sound that wakes her up every morning. Today, however, it woke her up much earlier than normal. The only reason anyone would ever wake up this early, at her age, would be to go to a little place called Hell. Or in other words, school. It is the first day of her final year and once she graduates, she will never have to a learning institution again.

Once she was sure that she wouldn't fall asleep again due to the cloud that lay under her, she got up and went to go wake her daughter. Rubbing circles on the young girls back, Nicki slowly coaxed her daughter awake. The little girl whined a little as she tried to shove her mother away, wanting to fall back into dream land. This sometimes made the mother laugh as children were normally awake before their parents. The woman had a sure fire way of getting her daughter to fly out the bed. It was a little manipulative but not by much since she would only be telling the truth.

"I guess you can't go to your first day of school then." All Nicki saw was the blanket that had been covering the young girl's leg was now falling into a scrunched up ball on the bed. The woman had never seen the child move so fast in her life. She quickly made her way to the bathroom where she knew she'd find the girl and helped her bathe before coming out the kinks in her hair. As per what was normal in their morning routine, the girl complained about how her mother was hurting her until the most stressful part of their ritual was complete. Nicki left her daughter to brush her teeth as she went to go make breakfast for the two for the two of them.

The girl thanks her mother for the meal while she gets comfortable in her chair. As the little girl eats, her mother can see a far look in her eyes. A small smile appears on her face as she observes the small being in front of her. She knows that there is a question coming and although it would be a very serious and important question to the four year-old, it would not be important in the grand scheme of things.

"Mommy, what's school like?"

"Well, in kindergarten, you start to learn big words and take naps and you start working on your numbers." The girl continued to eat as she thought over what her mother had just explained.

When her daughter had finished her food, Nicki went to wash the dishes while the girl went to use the bathroom. She quickly finished the task before grabbing her purse and bag. "Alright sweetie we have to go now if we don't want to be late." The young girl quickly made her way out the front door, which her mother held open, grabbing her bag as she ran out the door.


"I don't wanna go," Kiera whined as she stood outside the elementary school with her mother. Nicki didn't know what to do, they had been standing there for quite a bit with her trying to convince her daughter that school was a safe haven.

"Come on sweetie, I have to go to class too."

"Don't leave me!" She cried in her mom's shoulder, keeping a tight grip around her mother's leg.

Nicki gets on her knees and asks her daughter to look her in the eyes. "If you need anything, I'll only be five minutes away, no matter where I am." The girl began to calm down, asking her mother if she was telling the truth. Once Nicki had consoled her daughter, she walked her to her class, apologizing for having been late.

Once the four year-old was safe inside of her classroom, Nicki quickly made her way over to school. She was already twenty-five minutes late for class and she didn't want to waste any more time. Nicki looked through the class window and saw the teacher looking at the board. She quietly opened the door making sure that she didn't slam it closed. As she made her way to the open seat next to her friend Latisha, the teacher decided to turn around. "Please stay after class Miss Maraj." Damn! She cursed to herself. She had almost made it.

Latisha turned in her seat to face her bestie. "Girl, why you so late?"

"I had some business to take care of." She said while opening up her notebook to the first blank page and began taking down the notes she had just missed, that Latisha had taken down in the time that Nicki had been fighting with her daughter.

"Finally working on a new song?"

"No, don't have any inspiration yet."

"Oh, you got the guy kind of business. How come you ain't tell me you had a man," Latisha asked feeling hurt that her best friend had kept this type of information from her.

"'Cause, I ain't got no man. It ain't got nothing to do with guys. It's just family stuff aight!" She was getting frustrated with the third degree. She just wanted to get down all the notes and get out the class to her next one.


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