"Happy Endings": An Article by EmMeiLei321

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Written by EmMeiLei321

Horror nowadays is getting crazier and crazier with zombies, vampires (no, not the ones from Twilight) and those shows that have serial killers on the loose and it is a race against time or something along the lines of that. But, most of the time, these stories end with the good force in the story beating the bad force. I know that in some stories or movies, the good guys (or some of them) die when they beat the bad guys, and that isn't necessarily a happy ending, but it still falls under that category. 

Now, I am not saying that I don't like those kinds of stories, because I do like them, I am just saying that they happen too often. With horror, there are darker twists that are needed to make a story, little clues or pieces of information eventually summed up to bust the killer (because let's face it; horror and mystery go hand in hand) and the ultimate goodness in the story wins. I am thinking realistically here because in the real world, the bad guys win sometimes. We have so many examples of that in our society today that it is inevitable. Sometimes the bad guy will win. In stories, all of them, not just horror, the good guy wins. All the time. I think that the twist in the horror stories needs to be that the bad guy triumphs over the good guy sometimes. That would be, for me, more realistic. In the stories I write, I do a lot of mythical creatures, so I have to make it as realistic as possible to make it a better story. Sometimes, that dark twist needs to be that the bad guys end up killing the Mary-Sue that the good guys are trying to protect, sometimes the bad guys need to take over the world or something like that. Because those endings, in my mind at least, stick out the most. Those have the twists, those things that make them stick out from other stories. Those are the endings that I remember the most, and I am sure that the same thing goes for a lot of people. 

Basically, the point I am trying to make is there needs to be more twisted endings in the horror genre. With the bad guys winning. Not all the time, but sometimes.

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