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"Get down!" I shouted.

The bomb exploded with a thundering boom and sand showered down on us. The Israeli soldiers stood near me as they shielded their eyes from the sand. It didn't bother me though. My face visor blocked it for me.

"Where is the military camp, A1?" a human asked.

"It is near," I managed to say. "Keep following me."

Clarity could smell a camp about a four miles north from where they were standing. The distance was not so bad, but she had to get the soldiers there soon, and safely. An American camp was set up by the marines not so long ago. If she could get them there faster, they would be safe...for they were all out of ammunition.

The President had personally gone down to the HYBRD base asking for one of the best soldiers to assist overseas. He was hoping that perhaps one of the government's hybrid soldiers would be able to defend Israeli VIPs from the terrorist group ISIS. Someone who could also speak multiple languages as well.

Being on the Alpha Squad and idle at the time, they sent her to assist on the mission.

"כמה זמן עוד, אמריקאי"

One of the men asked. "How much longer, American?"

"Almost there five more--"

A loud explosion sounded a few feet away from her. Sand cascaded the open air once again, but this time with flying limbs of what used to be a man.

One of the human males stepped on a landmine.

A growl ripped through her throat. "Come with me now!"

She took off on a sprint away from the area of the scene. If that was one bomb, there could be plenty more.

Be more cautious, Clarity. She told herself.

She adjusted her visor to let in some air. If she could smell the area better, she would be able to track where the landmines.

Three feet to the left. Another one straight up ahead.

She dodged both of them.

"Stay directly behind me! Only behind me!" she yelled.

They were approaching the camp, she could smell them. Relief soared through her, but the feeling instantly faded when gunshots erupted from behind.

Protect the humans.

A1 turned around and saw that one of the three men left had been struck down by the bullets. She turned her attention to the shooters.

A nasty snarl escaped from her.

The terrorists were gaining on them.

"Go! Run! Keep going north the camp will be there!" she warned them. The men continued as they were told, but she went back to retrieve the man who had fallen. She smelt the rustic odor leave him, but she knew that there was a chance he could still live.

Retracing her steps, she got to the man who had collapsed, and hooked her arms around his chest as she dragged him back.

"هناك!" There.

She listened as the voices were coming closer. One of the human males shouted towards their partner her location.

"There, she's over there!" he said again in Arabic.

If only I had more amo...

The terrorists were coming closer, and with very few weapons there was little she could do. She patted herself down, anxiously looking for something, anything she could kill a man with. Her hand rubbed against a tube-like container in her pants. It was a syringe.

Except this.

Going feral was never the brightest idea any hybrid could have. But in a time of danger, feralism is what will protect a soldier's life. It is the only time when survival instincts are the highest, and when she will be at her strongest.

A1 pulled a syringe out of her pocket and took a few deep breaths. Once feral she would attack anything and everything. She would lose control over any logic, and let herself fall into the animal side of hers, the canine side of hers.

Here goes nothing.

She stabbed the syringe into her thigh and felt the power surge through her veins. Her mind clouded as her blue eyes faded to a pitch black.

And then she attacked.

* * *

My mind is dark, and I can't hear anything but screams. The copper smell of a human's blood caked my clawed-like hands.

I knew what I was doing.

I saw them. I saw the men who were going to attack me. My instincts told me to kill, kill and protect myself so I did.

I didn't think anything of it at this moment.

They were just human, and I am an animal. I didn't want to die and I wanted to protect this Israeli soldier, who I had no idea who he was. But something told me that I should let him live.


A sound. My head turned towards that direction that the footsteps came from.

Cladded in camo uniforms they stood there, gun in hand. They were Americans. They were on my side.

"Stop," his voice commanded me. It echoed through my ears.

I could trust them. I told myself.

Everything was getting dizzy, and I believe the drugs were just now getting worked out of my system.

I felt my knees buckle and I collapsed on my knees and then onto the sand.

I blacked out.

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