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Pen Your Pride

Okay so this story was currently im a vampire/wolf and your a alpha wolf why do i love you and i changed it to why do i love you? Because its shorter okay so continue!!!!!!!!!




I ran through the woods in lightening speed. My hair flying in the wind, becoming a blur with the rest of my body to the human eye.. My eyes were such a dull yellow from the bloodlust that, it was almost a light brown. I was chasing my prey, it was desperately trying to escape me. My family Is known as The Hills family.

But of course that wasn't our real last name.

We are the Vorobeiv's. We are Vampires. My name is Cherlninda. Pronouced Cherl-nin-duh.We feed off of large animals. My family and I dont feel the need to attack humans. A human was much more fragile then a animal. Animals can be multiplied twice as much as humans. So we perfer animals.

We fell less vile because even humans kill animals. But it doesn't matter to me. I still feel like a monster. I still think about ripping the throat out of a human and draining them everytime I past by one. I'm a monster. I'd choose my own pleasure then sparing the life of a innocent human and leaving them dead on the ground.

Drained. Lifeless. Bloodless.So we attack animals. I feel less... vulgar. I know one taste and I wouldn't be able to switch back.The Cullen's were our closet friends. Hence our animal diet. They all moved on. We were happy to attend Edward and Bella's wedding before they had left. It was a beautiful outside wedding.

I was so happy for them it was crazy. I supported them all the way, because of they're difference. They're love was so forbidden that there own safety was constantly questioned. But they stayed together through it all. They're bond was so strong nothing could break them. Forbidden love is the best kind of love.

It shows that no matter how different, no matter how dangerous, no matter how wrong it all is, they will stand by each other. It was a beautiful type of love. I never allow myself to stay with someone to long though. Vampires move around too much. Humans eventually die and I never age. It was painful to slowly watch your loved one die in from of you.

Slowly fading away while you sit back and watch. Stuck seventeen forever. And wolves arent worth it. There so tempermental and demanding. They think with there dicks not with there hearts andI just plain hate them. Almost all of them are conceided arrogant jerks.SoI have to suffer my whole life, without real love.

Now, what some of you are probably thinking... How am I a vampire? Well that's a long story. A painful, unforgetful story. Ahh 1009 years ago feels like it was yesterday. I was seventeen. I was walking down the street with my best friend Alicesenia. I should have known something like that was going to happen.

Nothing was going right that day. I was too hot. She was too cold. She wasn't running fast enough, I was running too fast. I was in a strange good mood and her tone of voice held a annoying amount of attitude. My dress was too fluffy and it was humid out. The market tender took hours to bargin as low as we needed and even worse...

The day I died.


"Alicesenia come on we must catch up to the horse, they might getting annoyed and leave!!" I giggled running down the side of the road to catch the carriage.

She groaned in fustration trailing slowly behind me. She was such a slowpoke!! But I loved my bestfriend Alicesenia. She was my closest friend, practically my sister.

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