Chapter Twenty-Four» Ayan

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A ghostly wind swept by allowing the small droplets of water, to fall from the heavens. The little beads clashing on to the dark windows as the car sped by fighting against nature's cry.

The clouds looked dark and grey. As heart's were broken and dreams were  shattered. Bonds were made and fates were played with.

The loud thundering from the sky remained an ally, the only source of life through such darkness.

Warm tears stinged my eyes, blurring my vision as the familiar house came in to view. Intaking a sharp breath I found myself stepping out of the car and striding towards the familiar double doors, seeing them open in the distant.

The pouring rain slapped against the concrete floor, withering the water making it jump backwards for the pain of the impact was severe. Unable for them to fully consume it.

Gripping on to the large bag in my hands I found myself rushing towards the door, seeing Usmaan stand beside it. His dark eyes trained on me as though he could see through them. As though he knew what happened and he could feel my pain.

It was like a boulder smashing against me as the memories of the events flashed before my vision. Unable to keep it witheld anymore, Usmaan opened his arms making me embrace my brother.

My soft sobs became the thunder of the rain, as it echoed across the skies. Screeching in pain. The low sounds of a breaking heart became numb, against the pattering tears of the sky. As I held on, not wanting to go on any longer.


I was running. I didn't know where I was going yet I was running, as though death itself was chasing after me. Ready to reach forward, ready to consume me.

I tried screaming, as loudly as I could yet no sounds came out. My hollow voice for mercy ran down my soul yet I couldn't escape it. Pushing against the branches, the bright light of the moon, silhouettes the large forest ahead. Making monster out of a feeble twig.

Running faster than ever, I pushed my legs feeling them burn sending a crawling fear down my spine.

It was getting closer.

Just as I thought I had escaped it. That the darkness of the night hadn't consumed me, a large hand gripped against my shoulder. Slamming me on to the large oak tree. Tears streamed down my cheeks, creating a line through the dry patches as I stared upwards. Seeing a large figure grip on to my chin, pulling me upwards.

" Naina"


"... Naina"

A loud voice screeched making jolt upwards. Sweat running down my body. I could feel the cold washing over me, as my gaze flickered upwards. Landing on a familiar green eyes.

Running a hand through my foreheads, small beads of sweats covered my palms. Gripping on to my now wet hair I pushed the blanket off me, seeing my mother sit on the bed her soft hand reaching towards mine.

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