Blacked Dressed Guy, Oh No! CHAPTER 6

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I had hit the avalache and now a silver car hit us and pilled over top of us.  I started to screame and I managed to wiggle out of the drivers seat. It was pitch black in their so I couldn't see what happpend to me or anything. I got out and stood up and noticed that I had a huge piece of glass from the window budged into my arm and the glass made it pretty far into my arm. I saw that my knee got out of it's place so I couldn't bend my knee.  I put my hands on my face and I felt some scratches all over.  My neck hert really bad, but I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.

I started to walk aroud and I spotted a sidewalk so I limped over to it and noticed that a man dressed in black came running at her from behind her. He sort of looked a little weird. I started to run cause i got a little freaked out. he ran way faster than me and in a couple of minutes he caught up to me.

He took grasp around my waiste and lifted me off the ground so that I couldn't trie to run away.  I screamed get off me get of me.  I was scared and really scared that I even cried. I started to kick him and he dropped me. I started to limp and tried to run although I couldn't and I only got a meter away when he caught up to me and pushed my down on the sidewalk and sat on me. He took out his phone and dialed a number. I bit his hand and he slapped me right across the face. I could hear his conservation and it was a man on the other side of the line. They were saying.............

"I got her hurry."

"Okay I will."

"Where are you?"

"I am at Laytont street."


He hung up and put his cell back in his pocket.  I noticed that I still had my cell! A couple minutes later a black S.U.V pulled up right beside us. A man in a suit that was bald and was holding a gun in his hand came over and grabbed my hands. The other guy got of me and grabbed a hold  of my legs they carried me over to the trunk of the S.U.V and sat me down there. The bald guy pulled handcoffs put of his pocket. "NO NO NO, "I yelled. I swiped my leg up to hit his face. He fell to the ground and got back up slowly holding his nose. he took his hand off and it was all bloody and his nose was too. The man dressed in blck held my legs while the bald guy would grab my hands and pull them behind my back and put on the handcoffs very tight.  THe bald guy got pretty mad so he reached his hand in the black dressed dudes pocket and pulled out duck tape. He turned to me with a smile on his face and unrolled some duck tape ripped it off and wrapped it aroung her leps and put some on her mouth. He slammed the trunck door shut and they both went up walking to the passengers seat and the drivers seat. they hopped in and slammed their doors too.

They drove off at a speed that I know the shouldn't!

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