my time to prove the past wrong! ch. 20

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Hey guys just another upload hopefully I get this one right this may be a filler or it could go completely the other way and become a big main part of the girls brake out I just don't know yet so here's the next upload from XXCOOKIEXX p.s my amazing favorite big brother (because I only have one big bro and 1 lil bro) let me use his laptop because I was bored hahah.










I stood there staring at him, walking as far as I could to the cell bars and him; without the chain cutting into the skin of my ankle. I paced past him close enough to grab the keys attached to the loop hole of his washout blue jeans. I never knew when I started to hate him, I think it was when he tried to kiss me in my back yard when I was drunk around 2 months after my little brothers death. Maybe or maybe when he didn't warn me the pack was at the house when he tried to kiss me in the backyard. I remember that night like yesterday morning if it was a little misty that is.


I had been getting ready in Jenna's for about 3 hours the girls had came and we started eating Ice cream and doing each others make up. Tyler was meeting everyone at the party with a bunch of the pack boys. Everyone was excited as we left in my dad's hummer, with the windows rolled down and the tunes blasting out the car windows. We screamed when the favorite party song came on,

(now play the song in the clip to your right ~~~~~~~~~~>)

We started screaming the lyrics out at everyone walking past; by the time we got to the party the girls were bouncing on their seats wanting to dance and drink (a lot). we walked in to everyone and did the normal walk around greeting and complementing people here and there.

It was time for the pack leader (aka me) and an assistant to make announcements and tonight was mine and Tyler's night to give the news. I was handed a mike as I climbed onto the make shift stage which seemed this week was bar that had a book for a leg. As I climbed on I thought of what dad had told me this morning .

"Baby girl, I know tonight is your night to let loose, or what ever you teenage's do these days. Just don't forget to tell the girls what we said about the woods, it's not safe until there gone you got it? It might look like I'm being mean by saying its just girls but some aren't as good a fighter as you are baby girl, now go have fun."

 I climbed on the bar with one mike and help from one of the jocks and Tyler holding the other mike while pulling me up. I fake smiled and waved at everyone like I always do now monsters gone. I gave Tyler the go ahead to start.

"Ermm, hey everyone well since it's our night for the announcements I'll give Rosy the fun boring part the pack news." Everyone laughed I just snarled him stupid boy.

"yer it's so boring it could save someones life. like it could have saved the attack that killed my brother and many other wolves across the country. The rogues are back this time stronger and wiser and with a new leader. So stay out the woods till further notices this was mostly aimed at girls because we don't have as good a fighting skills as the boys so have fun and stay away from the woods." Just as I said that the make shift bar leg gave way and me and Tyler tumbled to the floor. I started laughing instantly were as Tyler grabbed me and pulled me against him and started to laugh.

"You had to be stupid enough to try and make a stage out of a broken bar didn't you Roza-Bear?" I never remember anything after that it gets all fuzzy, the next thing I remember is getting home with Tyler and him walking around the back shushing me as he went. We got to the backyard tree and he pushed me against it trying to kiss me I heard people laughing as I screamed at him to get off me. That's when my dad came racing out and grabbed Tyler off me I slumped against the tree wiping my mouth, I felt dirty knowing he did it to get back at me for what I don't know.


I turned to look at him again, feeling protective over my pups I have to get home before he notices I'm pregnant. I sat down on the floor and pulled my knees up to cover my big bump.

"Roza-Bear it's been what 5 months since we last saw each other and look what you did. You know you disgust me-" I cut him off quickly

"I disgust you, I don't now who you think you are anymore but your not the Tyler I grew up with not the one that I once loved, the Tyler I knew would never have kidnapped me from my brothers grave it was his day and you ruined it." I started to cry thinking of the old Tyler the one who was like family to me.

"you loved me?" he asked,

"YER as a brother you were like family. I loved you more than family once do you remember the party, when you tried to kiss me in front of everyone?" I asked, he nodded to my question "That's the day You broke my heart and I never trusted you again."

He looked so sad looking at me "I only wanted to be with you but I guess that won't happen?" I shook my head he sighed "Why are you covering your stomach I now your pregnant I knew from when I took you." He smiled at me "I'm happy for you I just don't want you to hate me for taking you."

I laughed "I don't hate you I dislike you but I always did" he smirked at me

"when I bring you out this room you will be able to talk to your mate again tell him your okay and that I will give you back to him with one condition? that you let me at least see you a couple of times your like a sister that I need to learn doesn't want a relationship with me and that you help me find my mate." I nodded to his conditions and stood with a little help here goes nothing I thought as I walked out the cage door.

WELL just thought I'd do a cliff hanger of what happens next will the girls come or will she be heading home before that hahaha you won't know till next time. sorry for not uploading for two weeks but i do have a good excuse my laptop is broke and my brother is always on his hope you like from XXCOOKIEXX

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