Chapter 4: New Tactics

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We got a call from Petra about a week and a half later. Apparently, the House of Wolves were surrounding Vex strongholds across the Ishtar Sink...every solder under Skolas' command was down there. Our team was assigned to take care of it.

We equipped our armor and weapons and headed out the door. My Ghost appeared before me as Zero and Ivory left the room.

"How are you feeling today?" He asked.

"Does it matter? I'm going anyways." I retorted impatiently.

"But how are you feeling?" He repeated with an equal level of impatience.

I shrugged. "A little sleepy, but otherwise fine. Nothing hurts today."

"That means the medications are starting to take their effect." He sighed in relief. "Don't stop taking them, though. That can do you a lot more damage than you think."

"Fine, fine." I smiled reassuringly as I put my helmet on.

"Take care of yourself, Guardian." He concluded, finally disappearing.


We hopped onto our sparrows and took off towards the Ishtar Cliffs, where we encountered a group of Vex. We loaded our weapons as we suddenly heard some strange gibberish through the chat comms.

"What the hell was that?" I asked, taken aback by the noise.

Variks' voice appeared on the comms. "Skolas said, 'I am Kell of Kells. All Houses shall burn. All will bow before the Wolf banner.'"

"This guy's kind of crazy." Ivory remarked as we dispatched the Vex and continued our way.

"I'm getting a Fallen comm channel interlaced with Vex coding." Petra informed us through the comms.

"How the hell?" Zero wondered aloud. "Don't tell me this Skolas is trying to get the Vex to side with him."

"Whatever he's doing, I've never seen anything like this before. He's mad!"

We made our way to the ruins, only to find a group of Fallen fighting with with Vex. We hopped off of our sparrows and watched the battle from below the cliff in amusement.

"I don't think the Vex are going to side with the Wolves any time soon." I chuckled.

"This still isn't a good sign." Petra sighed frustratedly. "The Wolves are assaulting the Vault of Glass. What is Skolas planning...?"

"No clue." Zero replied. "Should we get involved?"

"They've cracked the seal on the Vault" She exclaimed suddenly. "Yes, get in there, Guardians. We have to stop them!"

"Let's go!" Zero called out to us.

We ran up the cliff, passing by the Vex and Fallen as they fought amongst themselves and making our way to the top of the Vault's entrance, which seemed to have been damaged by the Fallen. There were a few Vandals guarding the entrance to the cave, which I took out quickly with my rocket launcher.

"Don't hog all the fun..." Zero whined playfully.

"Don't tell me what to do." I smirked as we continued our way into the cave.

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