Text 14

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Warnings: Overload of cuteness.. cringe?

Dan👌🏻: make a wish Phil
Read 11:11am
Phil🐯: why?
Read 11:11am
Dan👌🏻: Just do it
Read 11:13am
Phil🐯: ok I did it
Read 11:14am
Phil🐯: I wished that you would never let me go
Read 11:14am
Dan👌🏻: Phil, I saw this on tumblr and it's cheesy
Read 11:15am
Dan👌🏻: I am the pencil and you are the highlighter
Read 11:15am
Phil🐯: You drew the world and I made it brighter
Read 11:16am
Dan👌🏻: I will never let you go, you are mine and I am yours
Read 11:16am
Phil🐯: come into my room I want snuggles
Read 11:17am
Dan👌🏻: I'm coming lion
Read 11:18am

Thank you guys so much for sticking with this book! I am currently writing another phanfic based on Groundhog Day (the movie) and I am V excited for that


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