So this is my first story on here i love to read alot lol i just hope you like it :)


I woke up in a room i have never seen before it was so dark and i was so confused i cant remember anything why am i here? where am i? are better yet who am i?

1 week ago

I was standing behind the bar day dreaming when i heard someone yell “Payton get out there now and serve them the drinks.our your ass is FIRED” My oh so lovley boss yelled to me

“Ok ok geez chill i am going”I hate this place i hate my boss and i hate my life nothing has been the same since my parents died 2 years ago.I miss them so much

I walked through the crowded bar trying to make my way to the tables..God i hate the smell of all the smoke and alcohol and all the loud music.

I finally made it to my table “Here you go guys is there anything else i can get for you?”as i was setting the drinks down the blonde guy with green eyes grabs my arm and said “How about you”and grabs my butt..”How about you get your effin hands off me mister”i push his hand away

“Awww baby don't be like that i just wanna have some fun”He grabs my arm again and pulls me into his lap.

I quickly scramble out of his lap and slapped him “I told you mister keep your hands to yourself” He just looked at me shocked that i had slapped him and he started to growl at me wait did i just say growl “Jackson that’s enough”

I turn and look to see the most gorgeous guy ever he had light brown hair and blue eyes (I am a sucker for dark hair and blue eyes lol) ”Look i would love to stay and argue with you guys but my shift just ended.So enjoy your drinks”I quickly left there table ran to the back to clock soon as i turned to head to the door my boss appeared out of nowhere

“I saw what happened out there..If it ever happens again your gone”..“But it wasn't even my fault..I just went out there to serve the drinks and he grabs my butt”.

“You still have no right to hit a customer..Like i said one more time and your gone”Whatever i thought and walked out of the place i hated so much..I was sitting at the bus stop when all of the sudden i hear that same voice again “Do you need a ride?”

OMG its the hot guy from the bar.“Umm no thanks..I am just waiting for the bus”.

”Oh sorry i did'nt get a chance to interduce myself my name is Corey”

”I am Payton”

”Its very nice to meet you Payton.I am sorry for the way my friend acted in there”..

“Its ok not your fault

”The bus pulled up and opened the doors “Well this would be my ride.Nice to meet you Corey”

”Bye Payton i will see you soon

i got on the bus that smelled so bad ugh what i would do to have my own car and that was the last thought befor i fell asleep

 "Hey you wake up this is the last stop unless you want to ride all the way back to the bus station

 ”Wow i fell asleep on the way home i must be more tired then i thought 

 “I am so sorry thanks for waking me up”

I smiled at him and got off the bus then started to walk to my house its so quiet out tonight and peaceful almost to peaceful.