Chapter 1 *edited*

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~Alyssa's POV~

 I was just about to sink my teeth into the neck of a warm deer, when I heard an ear-piercing scream from about a mile away. I had a bad feeling. Immediately, I dropped the deer and took off through the forest as fast as I could. I caught my parents' scent as I neared the site of the scream, and began to feel a panicky feeling in my chest.

 I froze as I took in the sight in front of me. The smell of my mother's blood in front of me burned my throat. She was in her sandy wolf form, dead. A few feet away, in a steady-burning fire, was my decapitated father.

 Unable to cry, I fell to my knees and sobbed dryly. I was only thirteen, and now I was alone. Off in the distance, I heard heavy paw prints and the strong scent of a pack of werewolves. I crawled away from my mother's body and leaned against a tree trunk. The wolves ran into the open clearing and then one of them—the alpha of the pack—shrunk back into the coverage of the trees to change. A boy with russet skin and black eyes emerged from where the wolf had previously been, and walked over to me.

 "Come with us, Child. We will take care of you. It's the least we could do for Katrina." He said, offering his hand out to me. This was surprising, seeing as my mother was kicked out of the pack thirteen years previous, because she had me with a vampire. I thought for a moment if it was a good idea to go with this stranger, but I reluctantly agreed to join him, as I had nowhere else to go. Besides...I could defend myself, if needed.

 I was brought to a house with chipped red paint and an old porch. I was told that this was Jacob Black's house (one of the werewolves). They pointed me to an empty room, where I could stay. I mumbled my thanks to that alpha guy, Sam, before lying in my bed and sobbing into my pillow again. My parents were dead and I was an orphan.

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