Prologue *edited*

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When I say that I am one of a kind, I'm not talking about my personality. My mother, Katrina, was a werewolf in the Quileute tribe. My father, Brandon, was a vampire. See why I'm unique?

Who knows how they were able to stand each other, seeing that they were natural enemies. Maybe their love for one another masked the revolting smell.

They were killed when I was thirteen, and when I was fourteen, as a member of the Quileute tribe, I phased into a snowy white wolf. I suppose when you put a wolf and a vampire together, you get a white wolf. I have many traits from both sides of my parents' species. I am very pale, incredibly fast and strong, I don't age, I am inhumanly beautiful (not trying to sound self-centered; it's just a fact), my skin is as hard as marble, I have blood that is scentless, and I smell somewhat like perfume. Regarding what I eat, well, it's a little complicated. I can choose between drinking blood and eating real food. When I drink blood, it is always from an animal. The Quileute side of me won't let me eat the humans I am supposed to protect. I can also choose whether to sleep or not.

Once I phased, I stopped aging. The pack phased often, so they would no longer age, which made me happy. I didn't have to watch them grow old and await their impending death. It's been a lot of years since my parents died, and a lot has happened in that time.

I think the best place to start this story, is that night in the woods, where I became an orphan.

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