Diary Of A Lame Kid - The Beginning Of The End. Chapter-16 (Entry#12)

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Short Summary Of The Story: 

 Meet Penelope Kurtz, a normal teenage girl in an abnormally backward society.

Short Summary Of the Chapter:

  It is a page from the diary of a normal teenager with ramblings, rantings and whole lot of random stuff.


    The summary actually had me all excited because it promised me something fresh, different and original.  The content was just that, but written so monotonously that it did not generate any kind of response other than boredom. It felt like a drag and I honestly waited for it to end. The story has been written in a diary format with everyday happenings written haphazardly. There is nothing wrong with that...it actually was a pleasant change. But the author could have infused a little humour rather than just rambling and complaining away to glory. We all have enough problems of our own, so a little common funny rant can actually work as a booster!  I could also detect a lot of mood swings which was an unexpected twist. One should always try to minimize the lyrics of any song if included in text. It is distracting and a little boring.

   I couldn't detect many spelling or grammar mistakes. It just felt like a regular diary of a teenage girl.

Final Verdict:

 ** out of *****