♪ Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The whole new room mate thing was a little stressful too. Jessica was one of those people that would judge you while you're wearing your fluffy bunny slippers. That may be the reason why I sneaked out during the night to meet up with the loser himself.


I lay on my bed, staring at the comforting site of the cabin's wooden ceiling. Both Jessica and Shannon were asleep. It wasn't as bad as I expected. We came in, unpacked our stuff and talked for a while. Well, Shannon and I talked, Jessica decided to ignore us and wear earplugs as soon as she entered the cabin.

And now, three hours later, I couldn't sleep. 

I wasn't sure if I was too excited, or not used to the bed, but sleep refused to take over. I groaned, and dug my hand under my pillow, pulling out my phone. I quickly sent a text to the one person who would still be awake, or at least wake up to text me back anyway. A couple of minutes later, my phone buzzed in reply.

Urgh. Meet me outside. -Chase

I smirked, and muttered 'whipped' under my breath, as I clambered out of my bed. My phone went off again, and I check it.

Oh and bring your guitar.-Chase

I frowned at that. What had my guitar got to do with it? I'll never bring it outside, in the dark to the hands of Chase.

Bring it!-Chase

I groaned, and grabbed my guitar case from the floor at the end of my bed, a long with a pair of runners and my comfortable hoodie. I glanced over at Jessica's direction, she was wearing an eye mask, and snoring quietly. Shannon however was the complete opposite, she was sprawled out on her bed, snoring loudly, her pink hair in a ball at the top of her head. I snorted with laughter, and quickly snapped a photo. 

This is pure gold. I can't wait until her birthday.

I opened the door as silently as I could, and sneaked out. I felt like a stereotypical good girl sneaking out on her parents to go to a party. It felt weird. "Took your time." Chase's voice floated over to me, as he leaned against the cabins fence.

"I was putting that valuable time to good work." I responded, carrying my guitar down the steps and over to him. 

"Looks like it." He eyed my unicorn pajama bottoms, and hoodie with a smirk.

I gasped, "What's that supposed to mean? You looking for a fight bruh?"

"I'd beat your ass." He mused, as he pulled my guitar from my grip, and began walking away. "Now hurry up."

I pouted as I stared at my guitar in his hand. "You touched it."

"Stop pretending you don't love it."

"That makes no sense, but whatever." I grumbled, and followed him down the path, towards the lake. 

"I thought we'd check out the new dock." Chase explained, as we approached it. The lake was beautiful in the night, the moon reflected from it's surface, and not a sound could be heard except for our breathing.

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