Gabbi’s pov

I kept tossing around in bed till I saw day light. I just got into my third month of pregnancy and I gained about only two pounds.

Today the twins girls, Natalie and Valerie were coming around the afternoon. We had to babysit them around the afternoon till night.

I decided to go take a shower and go to the store afterwards, to get candy, cookies and all of those other stuff.

Taking a bath relax my muscles, I noticed that belly was a little rounder and bigger than it was supposed to be.


After getting out of the shower, I had to urinate, which I’ve been doing every minute since I woke up.

Looking at my n*pple I say that it was getting a little darker, more like dark chocolate and my breasts were getting more huge.

Cupping them in hand, I saw they felt fuller and were a little bit more sensitive. I ran my thumb over feeling it tingle a bit.

Just when I squeezed it a little bit, matt walked into the bathroom, instantly his eyes were filled with lust and desire.

I dropped my breast out of my hand instantly. Noticing that matt’s eyes followed them bouncing down.

He walked up to me and picked me up, setting me on the counter, he started kissing me and massaging my breast, that felt so good, making me moan out loud.

Before I knew it we were in our room, making hot sex like never before.

‘’ wow’’ matt gasped out loud, before rolling off me.

‘’ I second that’’ I replied.

‘’ now why did you wake up so early’’ asked matt after a while of silence.

‘’ I wanted to go to the store, and buy stuff for Valerie and Natalie’’ I replied with a smile on face, thinking what if those were my kids.

‘’ oh, I already go those down, but not everything’’ he said, as if his mind was somewhere else.

Before I knew it I was falling asleep, and I felt matt putting his hand around me.

‘’baby, wake up’’ I heard before feeling someone shake me.

‘’oohn,oohn’’ I replied still in my sleep.

‘’ baby wake up, please’’ I heard someone say again, finally recognizing the voice as matts.

‘’ no’’ I replied feeling extremely tired.

I heard a sigh before, I felt a hard slap on my$$ and I heard ‘’ if you don’t wake I will spank you, till you c*m’’.

Hearing the seriousness in the voice, I woke up instantly.

I looked up to see matt with a smirk on his face and announcing me that the girls would be here in about five minutes.

‘’ why didn’t you wake me earlier’’ I ask confusedly.

‘’ well I tried but someone wouldn’t wake up’’ replied matt amusedly.

Jumping off of the bed, I quickly found something to wear, just in time for the twins to arrive.


After playing with Natalie and Valarie, I was tired as heck, I mean I knew kids were a handful, definitely but I knew that I was I guess well at it and so was matt.

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