Happy Anniversary- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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“What time are you coming home?” I asked Harry on the phone. He was out with the other boys at the studio. They were working on their third album and setting up the tour dates.
“We’re in the middle of recording so not till later.” I looked at the clock on the tv and rolled my eyes. It was almost 9 and I was getting very frustrated.

“You can’t tell them that you have to leave? I made dinner and everything.” I complained. It was our 2 year anniversary and I had everything planned. I made a home made dinner, which I never really do but Harry loves my cooking, I cleaned the flat, I dressed up and I waited for him to come home. Now the food is getting cold and he won’t be home until later tonight.

“I’m leaving in about 2 hours. Can you wait until then?” Harry asked sighing over the phone.

“Just come home when you’re done.” I said and hung up. I put the phone down, leaned against the counter and looked the all the food I made. I left the kitchen, not even bothering to put the food away, and went to the bedroom. I changed from my little black dress to one of Harry’s shirts and panties. I got into bed, turned the tv on and watched tv until Harry got home.

*32hours later.*

“(Y/N)? Where are you?” I heard Harry yell from the door. I didn’t answer. Harry walked into the bedroom and smiled at me. “Happy anniversary.” He said holding a bouquet of roses, bending down to kiss me hello. I moved my head away from him and turned my back to him. “(Y/N). Please forgive me. I know how hard you worked on the dinner and everything. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“Yeah? How Harry? I put everything into that dinner. I dressed up for you. I cleaned the flat. I worked all day! Then I find out you’re not going to come home till late tonight and you expect me not to be mad?” I yelled at him.

“Stop yelling at me. It’s not my fault I had to stay!” Harry yelled back at me.

“I’m pretty sure you could’ve gotten out of it if you even tried!” I yelled. Harry didn’t say anything. “You chose to stay and chose not to even try to get out of it.” I said hurt. Harry came closer and pulled my face to his. He crashed his lips onto mine passionately and held my face in his hands. He pulled back and looked at me in my eyes.

“Lay down.” Harry whispered. I nodded, climbing back into bed and laying down just like he told me to. Harry stripped from his clothes, leaving his boxers on. He climbed into bed and crawled on top of me. “I’m going to make it up to you.” He whispered into my ear, sending chills all over my body. I let out a small moan and lifted my hips up to touch him.

Harry tugged on my clothes and I quickly got rid of them. Harry kissed my cheek then down my jaw to my neck. He started to suck on my skin and nibbled on it to leave a mark. I ran my hand down his back and then up into his soft, curly hair. Harry kissed down my neck to my right breast. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and I let out a moan.

“Harry.” I moaned. He stopped and looked at me for permission to do more. I kissed him and then pulled away letting him explore my body some more. He ripped my panties off and spread my legs. I watched as Harry studied my core. His fingers trailed down my leg to my core and ran them up and down. I groan in frustration just wanting him inside me already. “Do not tease me baby.” I groaned, gripping his biceps. Harry stuck a finger deep inside me and I moaned out loud. He placed his mouth right on my clit and hummed. That made me go crazy. I gripped his hair and kept moaning. His finger was going in and out of me so fast, I was gasping for air. Harry took his finger out of me and his mouth left my clit. He crawled back on top of me and put his finger in my mouth. He made me taste myself and when I did, he groaned with pleasure.

I flipped us over so Harry was on his back. I kissed him hard while rubbing his length. Harry moaned into the kiss and started to grind against my hand. I kissed down his neck and torso to the top of his bosers. I pulled them down before letting his length slap up to his stomach. I grabbed his length in my hand and rubbed it up and down. I looked up to Harry and noticed his head was thrown back against the headboard. I focused back on his length before putting my lips against the tip of him.

“Fuck (Y/N).” He groaned. I licked the tip and then slowly took his length into my mouth. Harry was a groaning mess. He was squriming and groaning a lot which made me smile because I was doing this to him. I bobbed up and down on Harry’s for a little bit longer before Harry pushed me off of him. “I get to be in control now.” Harry said in his sexy raspy voice that was filled with lust.

“Oh really?” I asked kidding around. Harry pinned me down to the bed and kissed me hard. He removed one of his hands from my body to line his length up with my core. He slammed right into me making me groan out in pleasure. Harry didn’t start off fast as he usually did, he started slow. He was looking me right in the eyes, slowly thrusting into me. He leaned down so his head was right next to mine and I felt his breath against my hot skin. He kissed my neck again and again while I was moaning. I gripped onto his biceps while he was thrusting harder and harder into me. Harry pulled out and pulled me on top of him. I realized he wanted me to ride him and be in control for a bit. I slide back onto his length and started to ride him.

“Mmmm. (Y/N) you’re so good.” He moaned, his eyes closed and his hands quiding my hips. I was riding him slowly before he started making me ride him faster. I was close to my release and I couldn’t hold it much longer.

“I-I’m so cl-close Harry.” I moaned. Harry flipped us over and he started slamming into me. He was going as fast as he could and I could tell he was just as close as I was. I moaned, arched my back off the bed and released all over his length. Harry groaned and gripped my hips as hard as possible while he released. We both collapsed on the bed. Harry slowly pulled out; I winced from the loss of contact.

Harry rolled next to me, pulled me close to him and looked me in the eyes. He pushed some of my hair behind my ear and smiled at me.

“(Y/N), I’m really sorry about coming home so late.” He whispered. “I love you so much though. I really do. I’m glad I’ve been with you for this long.” Harry kissed my nose before pulling me closer. “Happy anniversary love.”

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